Egalitarianism: As Advertised Versus Actual Product

How egalitarians say it works…..


How egalitarianism actually works….24232952_10103317132457058_917299532565832029_n

As I wrote in egalitarian elitism, the only way to make everyone equal is to bring everyone down to the lowest level possible. If you want to improve “height equity” or reduce “height inequality,” the only way to do that is to cut off the legs of the taller ones.

That, or you could do what Napoleon did when he placed the tallest men in France in the front ranks to intimidate their enemies, and consequently over time the average height in France dropped.

I’m sure the shorter men appreciated that, but it didn’t make them any taller.

The point is that when you want greater equity, it means someone with more is the guaranteed loser, and the loser is still a loser.

As the Brothers Grimm recounted two centuries ago, the true equalizer is Death.

Syndrome remarked in The Incredibles that when everyone is special, no one will be. When everyone is dead, everyone will be truly equal.

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2 Responses to Egalitarianism: As Advertised Versus Actual Product

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  2. Gunner Q says:

    They want equal outcomes because they’re too lazy to achieve the outcome they want. Selling that attitude to those who already earn their outcomes, however, requires disguising that attitude as “helping the unfortunate”.

    If you don’t want that maimed beggar to starve then you must give me money! Don’t laugh, it works.


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