The Death of Civic Nationalism

Jeff Deist comes out with the hammer on why the Democrats won in Virginia.

National Review seems to think the recent election in Virginia was about Trump, when in fact it was entirely about demographics…..Northern Virginia is also full of immigrants from Central America, South America, and Asia….and while immigrants and their children may have little in common with the patent attorney living just a mile or two away, in the vast majority of cases both lean heavily Democrat. Immigrant non-citizens may not be able to vote, but their children certainly will.”

Libertarians can talk all they want that it’s “ultimately” about culture, not race, but this is like saying it ultimately doesn’t matter whether your child is biologically yours, as long as the kid behaves the way you want them to.

As is the case with Ronald Reagan Jr. and Michael Reagan, sometimes a stepchild does in fact emulate their adopted parents better than the biological child.

But this is an exception, not the rule. A family that has been in America since the Pilgrims will see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as an extension of their ethnic heritage and consequently have a greater stake in preserving them. A family from the Horn of Africa looks at the Founding Fathers and sees a bunch of foreign men writing about stuff that is utterly alien to their native culture.

Making policy or philosophical theories based on the outlying margins is a fool’s errand.

One of the problems with libertarians is they often tend to think individualistically on everything, and so accurate generalizations and bell curve discussions bother them. They want to take the micro and apply it at a macro level. It means they will ignore trends and clear patterns of behavior.

You may think race doesn’t matter or affect politics, but sadly that makes your view irrelevant to the discussion. Not only is it not true, but those involved don’t believe it, either.

If it weren’t the case, those who love Big Government wouldn’t be so obsessed with the ethnic breakdown of immigration trends and ensuring certain races are given preferential treatment over others for entering the country.

Our current immigration policy does not prioritize single Nordic beauties in their early twenties, and were they to form a mass migration wave headed towards this nation, you can bet your bottom dollar that all those today screeching to keep our borders as wide open as a hooker’s legs would eagerly sacrifice their first-born gender-neutral child as mortar for the Great Wall built to keep those lasses out.

Also, note that nowhere has civic nationalism, i.e. “culture matters” crowd, proven their point through the electorate. There are no examples of “natural conservatives” maintaining the legacy of the original American people. With every new immigration wave, America’s government has grown larger and larger. This isn’t to say they are solely responsible for the situation, but it shows that a culture devoid of the race that created it, is doomed.

One of the reasons America is dying is because the ethnic stock that once comprised a majority of the nation is dwindling.

Culture and race are separate, but they’re intertwined. Don’t tell me Japan would remain as culturally “Japanese” as it is today, if ethnic Japanese became minorities and whites were an equal percentage of the population.

So don’t be surprised when America isn’t American when all the real Americans are replaced with foreigners who seek to replace its Anglo-Saxon Protestant heritage with magic dirty proposition nation drivel that forms a modern godless civic religion.

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2 Responses to The Death of Civic Nationalism

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Civic nationalism was a difficult topic for me. At first I thought it was simply rule of law and the critics wanted to eliminate self-rule and return to kings & peasants. It took a long time to realize the human races think much differently from each other even when they use the same words. Then it took even longer to realize that America’s leaders hate America so much that they betray their own families in order to purge USA of Christ and whites. That’s a line seldom crossed in history.

    I’m considering whether to move to a dominant-white state next year. On one hand, every indicator suggests that blood will run thicker than politics once the Collapse hits. On the other hand, whites betrayed ourselves. I’d be gambling that blood would run thicker than Being Nice(tm).


    • The Question says:

      Civic nationalism sounds good on paper or in theory; doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you agree to the same rules, i.e. culture.

      Except that NEVER happens. Minorities integrate out of necessity or desire when they’re five percent or less of the population. When they’re an equal part, they have no incentive to integrate, and they don’t want to celebrate the legacy of another people.

      As I said in my post, there is not a single example of civic nationalism actually happening.


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