Taking a break

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been silent for a while. Unfortunately, aside from this short update, that situation is going to continue.

There are a lot of reasons I could list. The ones I will mention are one, I’ve run out of things to say; two, the emotional toll that discussing politics wreaks on a person. Having written here since 2014, I feel as though I’ve said nearly everything I can say on topics related to libertarianism. I still have a few essays I intend to publish when the time feels right, but to be honest many of the ideas are becoming more and more theoretical.

However, another part of me is growing increasingly uninterested in politics altogether. One of the reasons I took a break from writing is because I was more or less offline entirely, focused on other endeavors. That included the 24/7 news cycle.

It is difficult to describe the relief that this provided, to be able to focus on something without concerning myself with the latest petty media drama or cause celebre of which I am not involved in or have any control over. I’m far from adhering to the Serenity Prayer in any meaningful way, but this gave me a chance to experience what it’s like for the faithful, and the reduced stress was a welcome change.

Many years ago, I watched political affairs as a neutral spectator. I had my beliefs, but I didn’t spend time dwelling on who said what about whom, because I had other hobbies to occupy my attention. I look back on those days fondly.

Also, following the political scene has done nothing positive for my frame of mind. Something I want to improve is maintaining a healthier balance between remaining informed and educated about the realities of life around me, while not letting things beyond my influence distract me from things I can actually accomplish. Concentrating on these matters has too often merely inspired inaction and despair, a sense of helplessness.

As a side, always be wary of those who insist that you should emotionally invest in things, people, or causes that are outside of your power. If you’re not in charge, you’re not responsible.

Lastly, the older I get the more I feel as though I know too little to make wise judgement or observations. The Oracle of Delphi proclaimed Socrates the wisest of all, and the only reason he could figure for that was because “he knew he knew nothing.”


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2 Responses to Taking a break

  1. gunnerq says:

    “It is difficult to describe the relief that this provided, to be able to focus on something without concerning myself with the latest petty media drama or cause celebre of which I am not involved in or have any control over.”

    Absolutely take a (long) break. Current events drag me down, too, and it’s only by being about to go outside and enjoy the California coast that I can recharge. The sun still shines, pizza still tastes good and the only lasting victory is a life lived without regret.

    The best part of being on the right side of history is you can win just by doing what makes you happy.


  2. Absolutely. Take care of yourself first. All the problems will still be here when you decide to come back. Like Hans Hoppe, I think that all we can really do is enjoy that we have found these insights, celebrate those who’ve come before us in the tradition of liberty, talk liberty with those who will listen, and sit back and watch the ridiculous show. Enjoy your life brother. Don’t let them take that away from you.

    I would suggest finding a good woman. Have a family. Have kids. Raise them with unconquerable minds, intrepid spirits, and joyful hearts. It won’t be easy, but I believe this is the way we win in the end: we live on, and we carry the tradition of liberty forward for the next generation… with a smile.

    My wife read this a few months ago, and she really enjoyed it.


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