Godfather Death

Recently I’ve been reading a collection of the Brothers Grimm tales. In addition to being much more violent than the Disney animated film versions, they also contain many blunt truths of life.

An example is found in the tale “Godfather Death.” In it, a man is struggling to feed his twelve children when his wife has yet another child. In a panic, he runs out onto the road in the hopes of finding a godfather. After meeting God and the Devil, he comes across a third person.

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“I am Death, and I make all people equal.”

In a short scene and a handful of words, the Brothers Grimm convey the totality and end result of egalitarianism.

From the moment they are born up until their last breath, men are inherently and incontestably unequal, and the only way to alter that is through death itself. Any political philosophy that doesn’t acknowledge this truth, however unpleasant it may seem, is doomed from its inception.

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6 Responses to Godfather Death

  1. Gunner Q says:

    The scam is they demand equality while painting themselves as downtrodden victims. Even when the feminists are literally running the government, they cry about how hard they have it. Cue the Victim Olympics!

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  3. Gunner Q says:

    OT, if you’re interested I have a new blog: gunnerq.com!


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