The Ideal Cosmo

Boxer chronicles the sad life of a divorced single mother who sells tales of her late-age promiscuity for a living (her book is titled “The F-ck List,”) though it is more likely her bills are paid for by her ex-husband via alimony.

Thus we see the deracinated, alienated, rootless consumer in action. She has no culture and no homeland. She has no sense of community, and no sense of decorum, self-respect, shame or understatement. She is the perfect citizen of our global plantation.

The only thing I would add to Boxer’s commentary is that she is the perfect candidate for cosmopolitan libertarianism. Who can forget when that young porn actress Belle whatever-her-name-was, was touted and dragged out by a variety of libertarian orgs as a champion for personal liberty?

Boxer’s “favorite elderly prostitute” also practices the ideal religion, transcendental meditation. It contains within it all the wondrous spirituality that makes SWPLs feel good, while insisting on no moral or ethical beliefs that might put a cramp on their life choices, or make other people get the guilty feelz.

Beltway libertarians overseeing our beloved philosophy within the confines of D.C. and elsewhere in the Empire of Nothing would look upon this lass and see progress. An older women who can openly talk about her post-divorce sex life without getting shamed? How is this not a step in the right direction for civilization!

Meanwhile, “blood and soil” libertarians look upon her and see tragedy and waste. Women of this age should be bouncing grandchildren off their knee and sitting beside their mate of 30-years as a quiet example to their family, not posting delusional yearnings for “fit well-dressed executives.”

Aside from perhaps no-fault divorce, none of this is directly connected to the Non-Aggression Principle. But only a fool thinks the philosophy has any meaningful application in a vacuum devoid of context. Theory is just that, theory.

Healthy societies discourage behavior detrimental to their survival and creates incentives for lifestyles that make them prosper. A dying society does the opposite.

It’s fairly evident which of those two the West is at this moment.

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One Response to The Ideal Cosmo

  1. Many people recognize the there is a mass of iniquitous mud that has washed up on our civilization, and in order to regain our civility and improve upon it, we must remove this blanket of muck. The problem is that most who recognize the need of digging are clumsy and undisciplined diggers. They do not have the right equipment, and so they most often dig too deep, destroying large swathes of the civilization they are trying to restore and improve.

    These well intentioned incompetents are aided in this destructive act by those who’ve provided them the wrong tools on purpose. These latter folk are fine with civilization disappearing under miles of sludge, or being smashed to bits by overzealous diggers, so long as they remain seated on the highest rubble heap directing all the digging and anything else of consequence.

    As libertarians we must not only be master excavators, we must also be master educators. Especially now that most of libertarian theory has been developed, our primary job is to patiently guide our fellow diggers onto the right path even while those on the hill shout out all the wrong ones. It’s a tough job, and it’s no surprise that some have veered off on the wrong path. I see the cosmopolitan libertarian movement as one of these false paths.

    Maybe one of these days they’ll wake up and see that there’s blood in the soil where they’ve been busy digging.


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