Politicking on company time

In a recent video, RamzPaul highlights leftist hypocrisy when it comes to the ability of employers to fire their workers for their political activism. Following the Charlottesville debacle, many of the attendees were doxxed and then terminated from their jobs. All of this was done to the cheers by the Left, who suddenly developed a belief in the right of discrimination.

However, we see the precise opposite attitude when it comes to professional football players opting to sit or kneel during the national anthem as a form of political protest. Suddenly, the employees have a right to express themselves, and how dare anyone think they should be stopped!

Ironically, the two situations aren’t comparable, as RamzPaul points out. Those who attended the Charlottesville rally were not being paid by their company to work. They were doing it on their private time. The same cannot be said for the NFL players, who are protesting while on the clock. I would add that these players’ workplace is a taxpayer-subsidized building, and yet despite this form of corporate welfare, they don’t seem to be strapped for cash.

This double standard is yet another example of how the Left does not have a consistent, objective concept of rights. As the state priests, they bestow rights upon an individual according to how they fulfill The Vision.

If a person stands in the way of The Vision, then they are considered to have rights, as we see with those they declare “Nazis” as a modern form of an outlaw.

Companies have a right to fire employees for engaging in political activity on their own time, if doing so fulfills The Vision. However, if allowing employees to engage in political activism while on company time helps bring about The Vision, then it is the employee who has the right, not the employer.

Unless you understand this, the seemingly incoherent policy of the Left toward private property and individual liberty will only confound.


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  1. Flawlessly on point as usual.

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