Virtue-Signalers And Pearl-Clutchers

I have a lot of thoughts about what happened last weekend. Honestly, I’m still processing it all. When I know what I want to say, I’ll say it.

In the meantime, this best describes the behavior of majority of people on social media this week:


That’s the shot.

Here’s the chaser.

In 1850, most of these self-righteous pricks stumbling over each other to tell us how much they agree with the rest of the world on racism would have either condoned, endorsed, or tacitly allowed slavery when it existed.  Only a paltry few opposed it, and even fewer did so for moral reasons.

And this is for the people wailing about the demise of the Party of Lincoln for what Trump said:




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One Response to Virtue-Signalers And Pearl-Clutchers

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Charlottesville may not have been started by the organizers as controlled opposition but the Left certainly seized the opportunity. Holding an alt-Right rally in a Democrat college town is like BLM staging a protest inside a Neo-Nazi campground protected by Neo-Nazi police.

    That said, the Left is polarizing so many of its own people as “White Supremacists” that their narratives can’t work any longer. Otherwise liberal whites are being left with no choice but to sympathize with the “wrong side”. I suspect the organizer, Jason Kessler… he was an Obama drone just a few years ago and now he’s alt-Right? I don’t think that’s because he infiltrated us, I think that’s because he was pushed out by the Obama-driven white-hate consuming the Democrat Party. That explains why he pushed back using a Democrat-style protest; it’s what he was trained to do. Which made his effort easy for the Cathedral to co-opt.

    This is all Occam’s Razor thinking. I obviously wasn’t there but my guess is the next rally will be held in friendlier territory. That, or those alt-Righters who care to publicly protest will resort to flash-mob tactics. Oakland was the lesson and Charlottesville was the confirmation. A third protest on Cathedral-friendly ground will be indefensible.

    They are not our people.

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