The American Troubles Has Begun


In January I predicted America’s own version of the Irish Troubles:

I suggest all the readers here acquaint themselves with the Irish Troubles. Read up on the 1969 Belfast riots, Bloody Sunday, Crossmaglen, and the ambush at Loughgall. You need to understand those events if you are to understand what will happen in this country.

We’re seeing the initial stages of the American Troubles.

…..The template is simple; extremists from one side will commit an atrocity. Extremists from the other side will retaliate. “Normies” on both sides will point fingers at each other while rationalizing or downplaying the actions of those who are acting on their behalf even as they “officially” condemn or disavow the behavior. Neither side will claim moral responsibility, nor will they attempt to deescalate.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Now that we’ve had the Battle of Charlottesville, it is clear the American Troubles has officially started.  I believe that is what this era will be called in the future.

Where have we heard this song before?

Oh, right.

I’m not the biggest libertarian site out there.

But don’t let popularity fool you.

I know what I’m talking about.

So heed the advice I gave in January:

If you live in an urban area, my advice is this: have a plan to leave if things get ugly and stay in a rural area. It doesn’t have to be remote or even that small. What you want is a high-trust community where there is little division or tension and you will fit in well with the locals. You do not want to be in the Troubles’ epicenter, i.e. diverse neighborhoods or on the border of segregated ethnic groups.

Get a gun if you don’t have one and carry it whenever possible.

Moreover, come to terms with the fact that many people you know – friends, family, relatives, loved ones, siblings, coworkers – may be on the opposite side when things go down (ed: I am a frickin’ prophet or what?). As painful as it might be to admit, they cannot be trusted to stand with you. They will most likely not defend you or protect you. They won’t do anything themselves, and that’s the point.

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2 Responses to The American Troubles Has Begun

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I’m undecided. On the one hand, I think you’re right but mainly because the Left is purging its own ranks of loyal whites. First the Left indoctrinates them to “crash the system” then it turns on them for short-term virtue signaling? It’s like Deus Ex but without the choice of happy endings. They’ll be the ones to go IRA, the rabbits kicked out of the warren.

    Donut Operator found a video clip of Charlottesville that I think is much more representative of our side:

    On the other hand, Gammas and Alphas both seem to thrive on endless, low-intensity conflict. It’s easy to imagine them one-upping each other for status and power while we Delta types go underground and keep society running. You’d know better than me if this is a good description of the Irish Troubles.

    I should read up on the Troubles. Might as well; I’ve nothing else to read until Larry Correia finishes another book.


  2. Gunner Q says:

    Heh, that kid in the video I linked? He was kicked out of Pensacola Christian College in his senior year for posing with the Confederate flag. A private, Christian college.

    “Allen Armentrout did not attend the white supremacist rally at which a counter-demonstrator was killed after a car ploughed into her, but donned a Confederate uniform and traveled to Charlottesville days after the violence to pose with the controversial statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee. He was met with protest from local residents, who chanted “terrorist go home” at him, the Associated Press reported A photograph of a woman swearing at Armentrout went viral at one point.”

    Mr. Armentrout, I salute you, sir. They hate you because they first hated Christ.


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