We’re In This Together

This weekend a large Alt. Right gathering is scheduled to take place at Charlottesville, Virginia and could quite possibly be a watershed moment of the movement. Needless to say, their enemies are doing everything to stop them.

Just yesterday, the city revoked the group’s park permit – NPI’s Richard Spencer vows they’re holding the rally at that park, regardless.

However, this isn’t the only way the Left has tried to prevent this from happening.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent aptly describes the political situation facing America:

The Left has a bigger agenda than tearing down Confederate monuments in Charlottesville and elsewhere in the South. They believe that no one else has the right to speak in the public square or hold events which conflict with their values. They believe that bars, restaurants, hotels and insurance companies should discriminate against their customers for political reasons. They believe Donald Trump is an illegitimate president who should be impeached and removed from audience.

SURJ Charlottesville believes it has the right to form a mob, swarm, surround and attack people for political reasons who are minding their own business while eating at restaurants. SJWs also think you should be blacklisted, censored on social media platforms, banned from crowdfunding services and suffer employment discrimination. They also debate the ethics of “punching Nazis,” redefining free speech as violence and censoring rightwing speakers on college campuses.

Step back and look at the big picture: the Left is asserting that political correctness is a new orthodoxy and must be imposed on public spaces. Everyone else must conform to their faith or suffer the consequences. The “Deplorables” caste is composed of -ists and -phobes who refuse to recognize their authority. Those people are evil haters and should be stripped of their civil rights and constitutional rights.

Simply flip the script on this to where its white nationalists behaving this way towards minorities, and then imagine the howls and screams we would be hearing from left libertarians who claim that “racism” and libertarianism are incompatible. Do you honestly think they would be championing “freedom of association” or the right to discriminate?

This is not a situation where the door swings both ways; the right to discriminate and freedom of association only exists for the Left. Christian bakers have to bake gay cakes or get their business shut down, but rightwingers have to watch what they say on their social media to avoid retribution.

Genuine libertarians have two choices: they can stick their heads in the sand and scream “muh horseshoe theory” and “doesn’t matter if the boot on your face is the right or left on!” and thus reduce themselves to irrelevance.

Or they can acknowledge that, whether they like it or not, their fate and that of the Alt. Right are intertwined and fight alongside them against this totalitarian effort by the Left.

There are plenty of areas where profound and significant disagreement exist, no question. But they are issues that can be postponed or tabled for future discussion.

Make no mistake: if the Left gets away with doing this to the Alt. Right, they will do the same to libertarians, if they haven’t already. Only a fool, or a vichy collaborator, thinks they will be spared.

First they came for the Alt. Right, and I did not speak out— Because I was not Alt. Right.

Then they came for the white nationalists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a white nationalist.

Then they came for the racist libertarians, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a racist libertarian.

Then they came for me—but at least they didn’t call me racist!

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2 Responses to We’re In This Together

  1. Gunner Q says:

    This is a good illustration for plumbing the depths of Cuckservatism as an amoral focus on process over result. The Left uses free association themselves while denying it to their enemies. The Cucks don’t fault the Left for being hypocrites or criminals. They fault the Left for not following the correct process WITHOUT DISAGREEING WITH WHAT THE LEFT IS TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. “That isn’t how you silence us. Try this other method for silencing us. Meanwhile, you’re free to speak your mind whether or not you allow us to.”

    Thus illustrating the difference between Noble Defeat and having principles: a functional moral compass.

    “Make no mistake: if the Left gets away with doing this to the Alt. Right, they will do the same to libertarians, if they haven’t already.”

    I’m not worried. The guiding principle of the alt-Right is victory and their patron saint is Anders Breivik. I merely want to do right by Christ. If liberals won’t deal with us then they’ll deal with them and they will not be forgiving. My prediction: one day soon, liberals will whine to us for help against the alt-Right and we’ll just point and laugh our asses off.

    I’d be active myself except the Church has been cucked into oblivion.

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  2. “Oh… The Slithery Dee

    He lives in the sea

    He saw all the others

    But he didn’t see me

    The Slithery Dee

    He came out of the sea

    He chased all the others

    But he didn’t chase me

    The Slithery Dee

    I hid in a tree

    He caught all the others

    But he couldn’t catch me

    The Slithery Dee

    He went back to the sea

    He ate all the others

    But he didn’t eat me

    The Slithery Dee

    Oh where can he be?

    He ate all the others

    But he’ll never eat — (abrupt stop and a strange noise)”

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