Family And God Vs. The Mentally Ill

Mises Institute President Jeff Deist took a bit of a shellacking this week from fake libertarians who  smeared him as a National Socialist over his use of the phrase “blood and soil” in a fantastic speech.

It seems the idea that cherishing your nation, people, and homeland naturally requires stuffing Jews in ovens.

The level of kvetching among those triggered was both hilarious and disturbing. Deep down, they know exactly what Deist meant and didn’t mean, but they don’t have the intellectual gusto to admit that they’re opposed to “bourgeouise” traditional values or religion. So they lied.

So they lied.

While Deist is warning libertarians not to overlook the role of family, God, nation, and heritage, concepts that appeal to the average American who might be interested in learning more about libertarianism, Cato Institute is peddling groaners like this in an effort to cater to the mentally ill and dengerate among the society.

Deist should take comfort in knowing that people will probably remember his speech as the one that saved libertarianism from irrelevance over the coming decades, while Cato’s agenda will serve as nothing but cannon fodder for shitlord memes.

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