CNN Declares A Meme War

A meme war they are going to lose very, very badly…..

No joke; it’s stuff like this that makes me sometimes wish I had voted for the guy.

CNN is cancer. It is evil. It deserves to go bankrupt or be shut down.

When Trump joked during the campaign that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, it was true – because of stunts like this.

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2 Responses to CNN Declares A Meme War

  1. I’m loving it. There are some really good ones out there so far. This is free market retribution in action. CNN has no idea what they’ve unleashed upon themselves. Instead of CNN ‘making an example of’ HansAssholeSolo, it is going to be the example. All the other big crony media corporations out there, thinking they can pick on the little guy making a joke on the internet, will do well to learn from the shitstorm CNN just stirred up.


  2. Gunner Q says:

    With enemies like these, Trump doesn’t need allies.


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