The Battle of Portland

Yours truly successfully navigated hordes of antifas in Chapman Square in downtown Portland to reach the Free Speech rally on federal property put on by Patriot Prayer (how I managed that trek will remain confidential).

The free speech rally had been planned for a while, but things got ugly after a mentally ill man stabbed several people on a Portland train just days before the event. The Portland mayor called for the rally’s permit (on federal grounds) to be revoked.

Naturally, everyone on the Left was eager to frame the rally as a defense of the stabbings and promoting violent threats – something antifa would know plenty about.

Below is Joey Gibson, the “white supremacist” head of Patriot Prayer who hosted the event (incidentally, hardly any of the mainstream media stories mentioned his ethnicity or included a photo of him). When the Left talks about inclusiveness, that also applies to those whom they smear and slander.


I’ve never seen so many law enforcement officers in one place. There were at least half a dozen local, state, and federal agencies surrounding the rally and acting as a buffer between free speech advocates and the antifa/communist protesters. SUVS would arrive on the road with a dozen officers hanging onto the outside.

Their sympathies were unknown; although they pushed the protesters out of Chapman Square once illegal activity took place, they were also vigilant with the free speech advocates and quick to enforce all rules on them. There were also rumors undercover FBI agents were mingling among the crowds watching for any excuse to make an arrest.

This video features what appears to be an undercover law enforcement officer taunting Gibson into fighting, only to abruptly turn and grab a protester and throw him to the cops without fear of arrest.

From the plaza, I was able to take the following photos:

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6 Responses to The Battle of Portland

  1. Gunner Q says:

    This hasn’t made the news in California. I’ve gathered from a few YouTube videos that Portland is not the hippie-tolerant commune it once was. Comments from a guy who was there?


  2. Gunner Q says:

    More details, though! Was this an antifa rally? Was it about that guy who knifed three white knights for protecting a Muslim? Is Joe Gibson a name I should follow? Are the police’s hands tied or do they have sympathies? Surely you have a story to tell…


  3. Boxer says:

    I enjoy Portland whenever I get a chance to go there. Little Big Burger, Voodoo Donuts, Washington Park and Powells are regular stops for me. I’m actually really sad about the Tri-Met train nonsense. Whenever I’m there it seems like a very laid back town: A less gay San Francisco.

    I don’t know if you have a posting career (don’t hold it against me, I got my account as a kid, and only stay for the memes). Even so, you might enjoy this.

    Liked by 1 person

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