What Ann Coulter’s Canceled Speech Tells Us

Ann Coulter was scheduled to give a speech at Berkeley, but had to cancel at the last minute shortly after the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) yanked their support due to overwhelming threats of violence from leftists and a lack of certainty that campus police would adequately protect them.

This incident tells us two very important things.

One, conservatives won’t stand up to the Left the way the Alt. Right does. When the Left threatens violence, you either accept the challenge or back down and give them command of the field.

Second, it goes to show that there is in fact a “yuge” difference between the Right and the Left, not just in terms of how they behave, but how they are treated.

No leftist speakers have to cancel because Alt. Right shitlords send death threats. No leftist groups are attacked by conservative mobs. None of Hillary Clinton’s campaign rallies were suspended due to protests to the point where she had to climb over a fence. There are no videos of right wingers assaulting old men and women.  Moreover, no government entity controlled by right wingers has ever, in recent memory, turned a blind eye or offered scant protection to leftists engaging in lawful, peaceful behavior.

All equivocating of the Alt. Right and the Left are patently false. One side has its flaws without question, but thus far they have adhered to basic property rights. The other side has not, does not, and has no intention to do so.

The idea that libertarians can maintain neutrality in this conflict is naive or merely a rhetorical weapon to keep libertarians controlled and ineffective.

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One Response to What Ann Coulter’s Canceled Speech Tells Us

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I’m just surprised there are any conservatives in UC Berkeley to have invited her in the first place. Perhaps Coulter thought they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t looking for a fight.


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