Children Of (No) Men

Children Of (No) Men

In an article published by the online magazine, Aeon, Professor Howard Rachlin engages in an Orwellian thought experiment; what if all children were separated from their parents at birth and randomly given to another family?

Rachlin writes (bold emphasis added)

This plan is of course politically impossible, perhaps even repellent. Our goal, however, is to engage the reader in a thought experiment, to examine why it stirs up such uncomfortable feelings.

Is the idea so frightening? Yes it is. It is a frightening thought that your own biological child, the one sitting there now doing her homework, might have gone to an impoverished mother or a drug addict, perhaps have been beaten, perhaps starved. But why, save for genetic chauvinism, do we view with comparative equanimity the everyday reality of other people’s children subject to the same treatment by their own biological mothers?

Much like Roosh V’s infamous How To Stop Rape article was mistakenly (or not) interpreted as a serious proposal rather than a Swiftian exercise in irony, it is easy to take Rachlin’s idea literally. He is pinpointing a very real, instinctive desire to establish proper relations with one’s offspring.

The natural order and our biological imperative dictates that our preference is to pass our nongenetic legacies (beliefs, customs, traditions, values, ideas, histories) to our biological legacies.

Rachlin’s scenario sounds horrifying, because it is. Yet, few people appreciate the fact that this idea is implemented through state-run education systems. Much of what he describes is taking place as we speak.

At the Orthosphere, Thomas F. Bertonneau writes that they already take our children.

They don’t yet take our newborns, but they already take our children.  It calls itself public education and its main result is a massively uneducated public.

We need a Constitutional amendment that states, Congress shall pass no law concerning the establishment of education; and neither shall the legislature of any state or municipality pass any similar law.  A concomitant statutory law would state: It is legal for any citizen to provide education, either for a fee or charitably.   This would have the effect of abolishing public education while at the same time organizing the market to sort out who is or is not a teacher. These steps would greatly reduce the alienation of children from their families in their formative years.

In this sense, state-run schools turn the parents, particularly the fathers, into cuckolds; they are raising another person’s child. The parents may pay the bills, care for the child when it is sick, clothe them, and feed them,  but when they graduate from high school and later college, that child – now a young adult – has been imbued with beliefs, ideas, convictions, and philosophies that are, at best, somewhat aligned with that of the parents.

At worst, it is no different than brainwashing.

So many parents are under the delusion that when they wave their kids goodbye at the bus stop that they are receiving training and instruction necessary to make them hard-working, productive members of society. The reality is that their sons and daughters are being taught to reject everything their parents believe and supplant those teachings with state propaganda.

When they grow up, they may be your biologically child, but what is the point when they dismiss all that you hold dear and cling to the very things you find intolerable? How is that any different than having them snatch from your arms at birth?

Don’t do it. Spare your children the suffering. Sign them up for sites such as Liberty Classroom or Ron Paul’s homeschool curriculum and teach them your values, your ideals.

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One Response to Children Of (No) Men

  1. Gunner Q says:

    The level of buy-in among modern parents is remarkable. One of my favorite axes to grind is the push for school vouchers, picking which school your kid attends at government expense. This is pointless because if the gov’t handles the money then they can attach all kinds of requirements to a school that accepts it exactly as if they had remained in charge. This is one of the liberal’s favorite tactics for spreading influence… basically why anybody pays any attention to the Federal Dept. of Education.

    But try convincing any non-homeschooling parent that the answer is shutting down gov’t-funded education and lowering taxes so parents can pay for private school directly.

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