RIP William Norman Grigg

The past week has been one of many sorrows. Adding to them is the death of a pivotal figure in the liberty movement, William Norman Grigg, a cofounder of the Libertarian Institute and a fastidious investigative reporter documenting corruption within police departments and the court system – a real life P.J. McNeal.

It is fitting that he is mourned by libertarians on both the left and right; he chronicled problems that no one could or would deny.

At a time when the world needs more men like him, one of the few remaining leave us.

Grigg had a large family; if you want to help them, you can donate here.


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3 Responses to RIP William Norman Grigg

  1. Boxer says:

    I knew Brother Grigg entirely through online interaction, and while he and I didn’t agree on much, he was consistently one of the best read, intelligent and clever people I interacted with. When he trolled me, he did so with skill, precision and good humor. Life eternal in Valhalla. Much respect to his wife and children, who he loved dearly.


  2. Boxer says:

    Reblogged this on v5k2c2 and commented:
    William Grigg has apparently passed away, and far too early. Of all the people who trolled me, he was consistently among the most skillful and clever about it. Highest respect to his wife and children, who were dearest to him.


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