Right-Wing Solipsism

Right-Wing Solipsism

In my essay on leftist solipsism, I explained how relying only on one’s self to determine reality has given rise to college safe spaces, because for modern leftists their solipsism is all they have on which to base their perception of the world. I added that right-wingers would reject a safe space if offered one.

I had a reader remark that I was idealizing the Right.

Let me clarify that I do not believe right-wingers are innately immune to solipsism. What we are witnessing today is the result of the leftist imperative codified into mainstream society, culture, education, and media.  The default presumption is that leftist values – equality, tolerance, open-mindedness, elimination of all differences between race, sex, gender, and religion – are true.

A leftist, particularly in blue cities, counties, and states, can go their entire lives without encountering a single dissenting view on any of these beliefs, and if they do there is an entire state apparatus to counter it and offer reassurances that the leftist perception of reality is correct. College campus safe spaces are merely an extension of this reassurance writ large.

Right-wingers tend not to be solipsists because in our current post-Americana society there are simply too many contradictory viewpoints expressed from early education to the corporate workplace. Liberal parents do not prepare their children for a hostile college campus or instruct them on how to tactfully disagree with their professors. They send their children to school with the same certainty Christians send their kids to Sunday school, knowing full well their beliefs will be reinforced.

Much of the Alt-Right’s strength is rooted in this; the young men who comprise a significant portion of the movement were steeped in Cultural Marxism their entire lives. They know their enemies as well as they know themselves because they couldn’t avoid  learning about them.

However, there certainly was a time when the right-wing perspective was the dominant one in society, and this gave rise to their form of solipsism blinding them to other opinions outside of that limited paradigm. In fact, it was that very thing that enabled leftists to make a legitimate case for their ideology; accusations that the Right was bigoted and intolerant had solid grounding. That didn’t make the Left’s social, cultural, religious, or political concepts valid, but it allowed them to claim victim status. Once they gained power, they were able to use the power of the State against the Right, while simultaneously employing their dualistic strategy casting themselves as the perpetual victim.

Recently I’ve come across Internet memes comparing Jim Crow segregation, “White Only, Colored Only” facilities as a form of a safe space for whites. Putting aside the morality of these concepts, I think this is a false comparison. Afrikaners did not create apartheid in South Africa because they were afraid of what the Africans thought or said. Jim Crow laws were not set up to protect white Southerners from the possibility they might hear conflicting viewpoints. The purpose of these institutions was much more pragmatic and tribal in nature. They were meant to ensure that their ethnicity’s imperatives were promoted, preserved, and protected by the state against any competing interests by rival groups.

To quote Don Ciccio from the Godfather Part II, it wasn’t words that people feared. It was what would happen if a competing tribe got into power and used it to advance their interests of their tribe at the expense of others. We need only see what is happening in South Africa today to know that however unjust apartheid was, those who perpetuated it had incentives to maintain it beyond mere racism.

The problem is that these concerns, if not properly contextualized, become the only basis from which a right-winger bases any of his ideas on how they can be addressed and rectified. More importantly, it makes them incapable of articulating their beliefs to others because they lack the capacity to empathize with anyone whose life experience is different.

We see this in the form of real Neo-Nazis, actual white supremacists, and genuine anti-Semites (and no, Richard Spencer and much of the Alt. Right don’t fit any of these descriptions).

These people have much in common with their leftist counterparts; nothing in life is their fault. Someone else is always to blame, whether it’s Jews, blacks, Mexicans, or some global cabal of bankers and financial elite.Anyone who disagrees or doesn’t get on board fully with their view is seen as a threat to their perception of reality and is therefore dismissed as a race traitor, cuck, shabbos goy, or sheeple.

This isn’t to say all their complaints are invalid, but their solipsism makes them incapable of considering the possibility that their holistic worldview is terribly incomplete, because it’s based only on what they know within their self.

Yet, these people are few in numbers, for the reasons I stated above.

That can and will change, once the Right finally reacts to the Left’s 50+ year conflict against the natural order. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but when the fight is done and finished, the Right will be in no mood for tolerating any form of leftism. Free speech and free press will not exist. Whatever government is in power will most likely engage in a purge unlike anything we’ve ever seen in American history. Colleges will be shut down or forced to propagate nationalist rhetoric. The same with public education.

It’s impossible to say when, but eventually it will get to the point where the situation has completely reversed, and leftists are now the dissidents in fear of persecution and loss of employment for espousing anything outside of the right-wing imperative. That is when we will see the rise of solipsism within the Right again, and the cycle will repeat itself with the same predictable timing as the four seasons.

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