Bastardizing Americana

Le Chateau writes in We The Chattel

This is a more accurate graphic depiction of the message delivered by Shepard Fairey’s original poster, which Steve Sailer identified as the Orientalist hijab fetishism of White male liberals who fantasize about a submissive hot babe underneath the tents, and of White female liberals who fantasize about submitting to a strong swarthy non-liberal man. A […]

What I find most repulsive about the original photo this satirical version is based on, is that it represents a bastard Americana, the product of the blank slate movement that fights to de-link the idea of America with the great and noble culture cultivated by the Anglo-Saxons destined to settle North America and create the original 13 colonies.

This woman pictured has nothing in common whatsoever with the Founders, whose heritage she tacitly claims to champion; she shares neither their language nor their religion nor their culture nor their customs nor their traditions nor their values nor their aspirations nor their race.

Just as the Left wants to remove any meaning in masculinity, they seek to do the same with the concept of America and Americans. When everyone can be an American, the term has no meaning.

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