Don’t Go To Protests (Unarmed)

This video is yet another example of the Left’s dualistic victim/oppressor strategy. Even as their victim is attacked, the protesters scream “peaceful protest!” should anyone decide to intervene.

Do not go to leftist protests or rallies. Do not attend demonstrations where violence is likely. And if you’re going to do it despite my warnings, for the love of God carry a firearm and be prepared to use it.

This pro-Trump demonstrator may have survived, but others won’t be so lucky. And I promise you sooner or later they will begin killing out of sheer desperation. They are an animal terrified of imminent death.

The fight will come, but make sure it is ground of our choosing.

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2 Responses to Don’t Go To Protests (Unarmed)

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I always wondered who goes to these things. Were I a politician, chanting outside my office would do nothing to change my positions. But it does seem to work on politicians motivated less by ideology than Gallup polls. That and virtue signaling. And not having a real job. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t wonder.

    I have a secret fantasy of attending a PETA rally with a huge bucket of KFC to share.


    “Is that why they call him The Colonel? Watch me make captain!”

    But one shouldn’t fight on a full stomach.

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