Declaration of Dissolution

The Gandalf of libertarianism, Tom Woods says the dissolution of the United States is nigh.

I’m trying to tune out politics so I can spend the weekend with my kids undisturbed. Yet I feel compelled to type this out: America is breaking up.

The election of Donald Trump has fast forwarded the dissolution of the United States by 50 years, maybe even a hundred.

Ideological and cultural differences have reached a point at which huge pluralities simply loathe each other. What one group considers holy and praiseworthy the other considers abominable and deplorable.

This was not always the case.


As recently as six months ago, you were a terrible extremist for entertaining such thoughts. Why, governing 320 million diverse people from a single city is the best conceivable political arrangement, citizen!

Not so anymore. The left is not used to being trounced so decisively, and in its disorientation it is willing to consider ideas beyond the 3-by-5 card of allowable opinion.

And the right is observing more acutely than ever the depths of the hatred that the academic, political, entertainment, and media establishments feel toward them.

The Union is coming apart.

I don’t and can’t know the timing. But this thing is coming undone.

And when it happens, we’ll all be happier.

The last part is dependent on the manner in which dissolution occurs. We should be so lucky if it is done by mutual consent, rather than sectarian violence or civil war. Most likely, the left-leaning states would have to declare secession first; the Right has no desire to share the same government.

Stray thought: Trump could very well arbitrate such a dissolution and allow these states to leave. It would remove populations that cost him the popular vote during the election and create a cohesive nation with a stronger consensus on what it wants.

If dissolution does not happen before Trump leaves and a Democrat replaces him, then secession will only happen if done by the Right, and it will not be done peacefully.

One big problem with dissolution is that it is no longer a regional dispute. It is not North versus South or East versus West. It is urban versus rural. Almost every state has a major liberal metropolitan area and conservative rural area. How do you split up those states? What if Eastern Washington decides to split from Western Washington?

Moreover, tensions will still exist between these states once they have formed their own countries and borders. We could easily see trade wars, border disputes, currency competition.

Regarding Trump, my views on him have changed considerably. I’m not so much interested in discussing him, per se, but as Woods points out, he is accelerating inevitable events.

I cannot tell you how much I want that. The last thing I want to see is this country go through a gradual, slow decline over several decades, only to dissolve in the twilight of my life after years of rotting decay. I want it to be over and done with, so we can start rebuilding something new while I am relatively young.

It is not possible as long as we have the system as it exists now. My hope is that Trump will cause so much mayhem and liberal hysteria that the country splits before the end of his term. I want him to offend, outrage, and enrage as much as possible.

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