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Don’t Go To Protests (Unarmed)

This video is yet another example of the Left’s dualistic victim/oppressor strategy. Even as their victim is attacked, the protesters scream “peaceful protest!” should anyone decide to intervene. Do not go to leftist protests or rallies. Do not attend demonstrations … Continue reading

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Hatefact of the Week

Hatefact of the Week A large segment of the American population just spent the last 72 hours expressing more concern, interest, compassion, sympathy, and attention on social media toward the plight of abstract people they have never met and who … Continue reading

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Refugee Cover

Donald Trump’s statement on his executive order temporarily halting taxpayer-funded refugee importation: This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe. There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are … Continue reading

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Declaration of Dissolution

The Gandalf of libertarianism, Tom Woods says the dissolution of the United States is nigh. I’m trying to tune out politics so I can spend the weekend with my kids undisturbed. Yet I feel compelled to type this out: America … Continue reading

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Political Dualism

In recent years, many writers have focused on what impacts, influences, or shapes a person’s political views. Anonymous Conservative has championed the theory that conservatives and liberals evolved through an R-select or K-select reproductive strategy. I want to explore something … Continue reading

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The American Troubles

An article at Status 451 titled Days of Rage recounts the terror bombings of the 1970s (bold emphasis added) I am afraid that the United States is in for political violence in 2017. It could be as bad as or … Continue reading

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Neocons Want An Open Marriage Foreign Policy

I'll be unembarrassedly old-fashioned here: It is profoundly depressing and vulgar to hear an American president proclaim "America First." — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) January 20, 2017 Going berserk because an American says we should put “America First” is like going … Continue reading

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