Converting Leftists Into Libertarians: An Exercise in Futility

Justin Moldow at Liberty Hangout laments the libertarian movement’s continuing delusion that leftists make natural liberty lovers (bold emphasis added).

Even though these leftists just voted for the biggest warmongering neocon in the race, they are convinced that leftists will once again turn anti-war, anti-authority, and be ripe for the message of liberty. However leftists have no understanding of economics and would jump at the opportunity to steal half of our income, force us to fund their welfare and birth control, force us to fund their healthcare, force us to fund their college educations, force us to give up our guns, force businesses to raise their minimum wages, force us to practice our religion only in the confines of our homes, force us to get vaccinated, force us to give them safe spaces, force us to give up our cars, force oil companies to close their refineries, force us to use solar and wind power, force us to give up any surplus of resources, force us to associate with people against our will, force us to provide services against our will, force us to barter in only Federal Reserve notes, force us to break windows to create jobs, force us to eradicate property lines, force us to give dues to the United Nations, force us to be part of an involuntary collective, force us to shut up if they don’t like what we have to say, and force us to give them a platform for this dangerous ideology – and despite all this, there are many libertarians that believe they will suddenly adopt the ways of small government just because Donald Trump has become President of the United States.

 Progressives will never give up the state because they need it; their values contradict the natural order and cannot be maintained without coercion and aggression. They are parasitical and require a host that they can forcibly live off of. Their conduct is that of a borderline personality disorder girlfriend (I hate you!/Don’t leave me!), which makes sense because their definition of progress is mental illness writ large.

There is an element within the libertarian movement that sincerely believes the Left would embrace liberty if only it weren’t for all those right-wing limited government fanatics poisoning the water hole with their “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, patriarchal, religious, cis-gender rhetoric.” Under their rationalization, the Left simply has to be pro-state because it has no other choice in order to differentiate themselves from others who want to be left alone yet also believe that transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a gender identity.

At best, this sentiment is foolish and naive. At worst, it is disingenuous talk by infiltrators and fifth columnists attempting to neutralize a potential threat to progressivism.

Contrary to their talk of tolerance, open-mindedness, inclusion, peace, love, and what not, Progs have zero qualms with oppression, censorship, persecution, and tyranny. Their only concern is that they be the one to wield the state gun in order to fulfill their version of The Vision.

So great is their love of the state that they will fight to preserve its power even as they are dragged away to the cattle cars and camps under that very authority. To do otherwise would be to deny their very purpose.


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One Response to Converting Leftists Into Libertarians: An Exercise in Futility

  1. As long as these Leftist political types feel like they are entitled to things that they have not worked for, their mentalities will not change. When they learn that hard work will pay off, they will probably have a shift in their thinking.


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