“The Last Resort of the Thinking and The Good.”


A comment by Joshua Bennett on my previous post regarding militia reminded me of a passage from Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s book Two Years Before the Mast. An early 19th Century Harvard student, Dana joined a ship and sailed the world for two years after his intense studying was quite literally making him go blind

Commenting on San Francisco, Dana states that while the city is “most quiet and well-governed” for its size at the time, it had not become so peacefully.

He writes (bold emphasis added):

It has been through its season of Heaven-defying crime, violence, and blood, from which it was rescued and handed back to soberness, morality, and good governance by that peculiar invention of Anglo-Saxon Republican America [ed: Americanism is Anglo-Saxonism], the solemn, awe-inspiring Vigilance Committee of the most grave and responsible citizens, the last resort of the thinking and the good, taken to only when vice, fraud, and ruffianism have entrenched themselves behind the forms of law, suffrage, and ballot, and there is no hope but in organized force, whose action must be instant and thorough, or its state will be worse than before. A history of the passage of this city through those ordeals, and through its almost incredible financial extremes, should be written by a pen which not only accuracy shall govern by imagination shall inspire.

If the current political, economic, social, and cultural trajectory of the United States does not change, the nation could witness this sort of vigilantism after 2020.

Bennett observes that many militia groups are a lot of bark, but no bite. Putting that side, I think it will be those most unlikely to join a militia who will spearhead any vigilante movement. You will be stunned to discover that it’s not the loud-mouth blowing up buildings and staging raids; it’s the seemingly timid and reticent, i.e. the “most grave and responsible citizens.”

They will carry out these very brutal acts out of a desperation birthed from long-standing resentment of having been forced into a corner. They will be those who desired peace the most but had it denied by circumstance. Their principles dictate they must fight, even as they have hoped for an alternative.

One of my favorite films is the 1999 Boondock Saints, a modern tale of two paternal Irish twins living in South Boston who target the Mob after they are nearly killed by foot soldiers; a lot of the movie is pure fun, but what made it a cult classic in spite of the horrific critical reviews is the way it effectively tapped into America’s deeply cherished belief in the use of vigilantism when the official sources of justice have failed their duty.

On a side, it was also unapologetic in its blatant political incorrectness.

There is a segment of the film that always stuck with me where the brothers are explaining why they have decided to kill mobsters.

Conner: D’you know what I think is psycho? It’s decent men with loving families. They go home every day after work and they turn on the news. You know what they see? They see rapists, and murderers and child molesters. They’re all getting out of prison.

Murphy: Mafiosos gettin’ caught with twenty kilos. Gettin’ out on bail the same f%^&$$% day.

Connor: And everywhere, everyone thinks the same thing: that someone should just go kill those mother^&*(%^.

Murphy: Kill ’em all. Admit it. Even you’ve thought about it.

The last line is “officially” directed at their friend, Rocco, but it really is spoken to the audience.

What makes their crusade ironic is that they’re not looking for a fight. They’re happy-go-lucky men living in poverty and working in a meat packing plant. In other words, the last type anyone, including the film’s FBI characters, expect to be behind mob killings.

We are already witnessing this socially, culturally, morally, and religiously. Men who a decade ago ran around the world as pickup artists are now championing the traditional family, Western Culture, and Christendom, while many pastors have become the heretics preaching views in direct contradiction of the Bible. The young who populate the Alt. Right are calling for a return to the old ways even as their elders insist on maintaining the status quo.

Trump’s victory forestalled a massive vigilantism movement, and frankly I think that is what drove many people to the polls to vote for him despite all the reasons not to do so. They may not like him or like what he will do, but they understand their options; either he takes the blows for them as a flawed, imperfect leader, or they will be forced to act.

In this sense, voting for Trump was the “last resort of the thinking and the good” before more extreme measures are used.

The Alt. Right knows this, because it knows itself and its enemy, the Left. What unsettles me, having watched the Left respond to the presidential race outcome and the collective temper tantrum they’re throwing, is that Progressives neither know themselves nor their enemy. This means they are totally unaware of the profound desperation that exists behind the otherwise genteel facades of many Americans.

They think it is still 2004, but it’s The Current Year.

They could choose to live and let live and perhaps delay or neutralize the inevitable, but they are pathologically incapable of doing so; as Tom Woods recently put it, they are fully committed to perpetual revolution through the coercion of the state.

I discovered recently that leftists are calling for the electoral college to vote against Trump and for Hillary so she can win on a technicality; it shows how foolish they are.

That is how a civil war starts,

I don’t see it end well for those on the Left.

Rural counties that voted for Trump grow the nation’s food and own the guns. They would undoubtedly suffer if such a conflict arose, but they don’t need the latest iPhone coming out of Silicon Valley to win. Truckers are the blood vein of our nation’s economy. A few days of no deliveries from these states can do more harm to a metropolitan area in less time than any medieval siege would hope. Meanwhile, right-wing vigilantism would spring up in those regions like weeds.

What Dana described at the beginning of this post is what we will see play out in the event of an economic collapse or civil war.

If the Progs think that a Trump presidency is terrifying, then they should know that many of his supporters were and are prepared to do far worse should all other options get exhausted. They should take this heart before doubling down in their provocation.

Photo credit: BlueRayMovies.com

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3 Responses to “The Last Resort of the Thinking and The Good.”

  1. Gunner Q says:

    “They think it is still 2004, but it’s The Current Year.”

    “They could choose to live and let live and perhaps delay or neutralize the inevitable, but they are pathologically incapable of doing so; as Tom Woods recently put it, they are fully committed to perpetual revolution through the coercion of the state.”

    This is what pride looks like. It cannot exist on its own. A greedy man wants a lot of money but a proud man will steal yours even if he’s rich. A lustful man will sleep with a whore but a proud man will only sleep with your wife. A proud man will happily live in a tiny shack if only he kicked the previous owner out to sleep in a ditch.

    This is why there is no pleasing them, why so many of them are upset over losing a probably-irrelevant election. They don’t want to win. They want us to lose. They cry because many of us are happy.

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  2. biggaystevec says:

    We fled Die Verse City for a nice Whitopia after the food stamp/EBT card went down for 8 hours on 10-12-2013 and saw the chimp outs. The left will not learn, try asking a leftist if they think it was a bad idea to push for Tranny bathrooms during an election year. The left thinks that if they import cowardly low IQ moslems that they will fight well armed Christians instead of seeking easy targets like gay bar bathrooms like PULSE.

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