Why American Men (Should) Own Guns

Bob Murphy notes some of the colorful thoughts offered by Clintonistas following their loss to the God Emperor Elect (yes, I’m being facetious).

Some choice Tweets include sex positive psycho Laci Green:

Murphy adds:

Similarly, there are plenty of black people on Twitter saying (literally), “Die white people, die!” and then also saying, “Even if you don’t bear personal ill-will to us, you have to realize that voting for Trump makes us feel persecuted.”

Just wait till the economy crashes. This is going to be ugly.

BTW: This is why American men own guns. They don’t just hear this nonsense and dismiss it as childish ranting, although it is that, too. Do not mistake what compels these temper tantrums. We are dealing with severely mentally ill people who would easily engage in or goad on violent acts if not restrained by either law enforcement or armed individuals. We are see, as demonstrated by Trump’s California rally earlier this year, what happens when police stand aside as befitting an anarcho-tyrannical system.

It’s also why anti-gun rhetoric is a cesspool of white male hatred (though they certainly hate armed minorities for separate reasons). They want to do horrible things to us, and chances are during a collapse they will try – but it’s long way between their dream and the end of our gun barrels.

They have strength in their numbers. Unarmed rioting mobs can wreck all sorts of havoc. However, as the battle of Rorke’s Drift demonstrated, it only takes a few armed men with keen eyes to fend off thousands. Deep within their reptilian brain, they know that.

Remember this whenever someone talks about gun control, this kind of thinking is what motivates them, and why they get so angry at the sight of a well-armed man.

Trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry.

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2 Responses to Why American Men (Should) Own Guns

  1. gunnerq says:

    Yep. I don’t own guns to protect me from gov’t, I own them to protect me from neighbors. The leeches are never satisfied and never grateful. There was a great comment on Vox Day’s site, “they bite the hand that feeds them and lick the boot that kicks them”.

    How are we supposed to coexist with a people who cannot distinguish between kindness and weakness?

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    • The Question says:

      How are we supposed to coexist with a people who cannot distinguish between kindness and weakness?

      We can’t, which is why partition will occur. Trump’s victory means it won’t be for another four years at least. I’m discussing this in an upcoming post but there will never be a civil war as long as a Republican is president. The Left has to be in control of the state and state agents because none of them are privately armed. Riots are just a failed revolution.


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