American Betrayal


Chris Cantwell writes about the plight of a disabled New Hampshire Vietnam vet about to be evicted from his home by the same government subsidizing illegal immigration:

I hope whoever reads this will think long and hard about the priorities of our country and our government. When a government steals from its veterans to pay its invaders, a profound and catastrophic betrayal has occurred.

None of us should feel safe living under such a treacherous boot.

It is stories like this that help the Saxon relearn to hate. For any ordinary, decent American, this sad anecdote is just another hammer blow to the head shattering the farcical illusion that the government is theirs or looks out for them.

The governments in the United States are evil, pure and simple; it is not just because they are illegitimate entities, as all states are. Governments can still, despite these flaws, serve the interest of the people under their rule. But ours betray the most fundamental concept of tribal loyalty; they use and abuse their own people while expropriating their resources to give to others outside the tribe that have come to conquer, not maintain what has been created. While homeless American vets sleep in gutters, foreigners are imported into homogeneous, high trust communities and given housing and food, all covered by taxpayers. The intent of these acts are to destabilize and replace.

These governments then have the audacity to speak of honoring the troops and respecting the flag, all superficial, symbolic acts of pretense intended to ignore the enormous calamity they have brought to this country.

A great and tragic betrayal has indeed occurred. My only hope is these treacherous acts will inspire Americans to finally reject their identification with the United States government and begin the long, painful process of establishing a separate identity.

That can start with Americans looking out for their own who are in need. It pains me to no end to see Americans sending their money overseas to “fix” Third World nations that are permanently broken while their fellow Americans in their own communities struggle to keep a roof over their head.

As Vito Corleone remarked, a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man; a people that do not care for their own – especially its most vulnerable, the elderly, and the needy – can never be a true nation and does not deserve to be one.

It would do well for those in power to realize that when a crisis finally comes to this country, these memories will not have faded in the minds of Americans who either have suffered these injustices or quietly witnessed them.

As Stefan Molyneux recently observed, white people (Americans) are nice, until they are not. By the time they are no longer nice, it is too late to convince them otherwise because what precipitated their change of heart were years of relentless hatred and betrayal to the point where all capacity for empathy has been stripped from their consciences, leaving nothing but a terrible resolve and a “damn’d be him who first cries ‘Hold, enough!'” spirit.

Photo credit: Wiki Commons.

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2 Responses to American Betrayal

  1. gunnerq says:

    According to the linked article, this guy has 10 adult children. None of them, less the one living with him, will give him a place to live or help with finances? The church he was a deacon in won’t help him?

    Something isn’t right here.


    • The Question says:

      According to the linked article, this guy has 10 adult children. None of them, less the one living with him, will give him a place to live or help with finances? The church he was a deacon in won’t help him?

      Something isn’t right here.

      That was my initial response as well – unfortunately I personally know of other people with his background under the same financial strains, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the reason for the lack of financial help was very similar. However, I can appreciate why the uncertainty might cause some to not open their wallets.

      Not sure if you caught the video Chris made of himself interviewing the vet; if not, I’d recommend watching it – it’s at the bottom of the article. I might be totally wrong, but I see the face of a man who doesn’t like asking for help when he needs it or turns it down when offered.


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