The Anarchist Notebook on Kindle

A year ago I mentioned publishing an ebook of my best essays.

Finally, that project is underway and nearing completion…..

Anarchist Notebook cover72dpi-1500x2000

Front cover art.

I hope to have the Kindle version available in time for Christmas 2016.

The book will contain over twenty essays from this site that I have refined, polished and elaborated on, as well as a ground-breaking essay I’ve spent over a year perfecting. The topics are a bit more general, so a lot of good, but timely or context sensitive blog posts were left out; I might publish them on a separate, free ebook.

This book is a bit of a journal chronicling my initial days as a libertarian and the maturation process that occurred as I explored what the philosophy actually looks like when applied to real life.

Here is the teaser for the book that will appear on its Amazon page:

Libertarianism is one of the most misunderstood modern political philosophies, commonly portrayed as a quasi-sect of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, a cover for neo-Confederates, or a “fiscally conservative, social liberal” alternative to the prevailing political parties in the Western World.

The Anarchist Notebook seeks to set the record straight. In this seminal work, the writer translates libertarian principles into real-life application while taking into account the existing social, cultural, religious and political environments.

The thought-provoking essays strip away many stereotypes and popular perception pushed by either libertarianism’s critics or “proponents” who claim to advance its ideas yet cling to beliefs ultimately at odds with the very principles libertarianism teaches. Among the essays is a groundbreaking argument that the existence of natural rights can be proven through deductive reasoning.

Rather than a prescribed form of governance or a utopian dream rooted in soulless materialism, the writer presents libertarianism as an indispensable guide for establishing a complete moral theory, a critical tool for interpreting human action in all areas of life, and a means to preserving personal values apart from the state.

The writer concludes by making the case for a form of neo-barbarism and modern tribalism as the most effective path for applying libertarian ideas within the context of 21st Century globalism.

At a time when libertarianism is more popular (and misconstrued) than ever before, The Anarchist Notebook is an invaluable resource for both libertarian adherents and the unconverted intrigued by its radical claims.

I’m currently in the process of editing the book, which has proved difficult because I’ve also kept adding more of my recent work to the final product. The book will be available on Kindle and ideally in physical print form on Amazon.

I’d like to thank all the readers who continue to visit this site and comment. I’ll admit; there were times when I did not think I would see this through and other times that I was tempted to close shop here to pursue other interests. It is exciting to watch it finally get off the ground.

If you like the writing that I do, consider picking up a copy (I will post a link to the page when it’s up).

If you have a family member, relative, loved one, or friend that you want to help convert over to other side, this would make a good Christmas gift.

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3 Responses to The Anarchist Notebook on Kindle

  1. GREG NIKOLIC says:

    Hello, Anarchist Notebook. (Or should I call you that? Hmm. Even Joseph Stalin called himself “Steel” in Russian. Guess the Georgian was too hard for Muscovites to pronounce. . .)

    I would be interested in going through your complete archives and reading your stuff. But could you post an excerpt or two of your thoughts as signposts so I know what I’m looking for? On my website, I have all posts micro-condensed, so it’s a simpler task to just scroll through and click at random.

    I should start writing more about politics. In a nod to that direction, and inspired by you, I have a pro-Trump analysis on today’s — my own site. You’re the pro at political writing; take a look at it and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Same site format as yours: just click on the Leave a Reply to put your thoughts down. I’ll be awaiting your critique and review. If you think it’s good, I’ll take that to heart.

    ~ Greg Nikolic, “Elite Avenue”


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