Let us open up our copies of the Anarchist Notebook and dust off a chapter from January titled Civil War.

I would like to direct your attention to this particular passage at the end (bold emphasis added).

My speculation is this: That a close presidential election will be followed by the refusal from the losing candidate to accept the results. They might blame the loss on fraud or treachery or whatnot. But they will not accept the winner as legitimate. And they will force the issue. When the crisis occurs, the “either you are with us or with them” mentality will grip the whole country, and the factions will fall under their respective banners.

This is what happened in Spain during their civil war in the 1930s, and it can happen again.

Fast-forward to the present. With Hillary’s health clearly on a decline to the point where she is collapsing in public, the blame is actually being directed at Trump and Putin. They are actually being accused of poisoning her.

Imagine if she dies or is totally incapacitated right before the election, Trump wins, and a sufficient amount of people in the country embrace this conspiracy theory.

I’m not saying I’m a prophet, but sometimes I get too close for comfort.

As Jack Donovan observed a few months ago, if Trump wins (Hillary living or not) the Left could start conflict themselves.

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One Response to Clairvoyance

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I don’t think Trump is different enough from the Left to pose an existential threat. He may truly want to stabilize the country but that’s a far cry from restoring the country. My own nightmare scenario is a comatose President Hillary who somehow manages to sign lots of bills and Executive Orders.


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