American Flag

A homeland loved so great
Now a nation fallen
Consumed in its self-hate

Once conceived in liberty
Its freedom of mighty fame
Now reduced to oppression
Filled full of fear and shame

Where is that pioneer spirit
That spurred your people on?
When did it depart from you?
And where has it now gone?

A land of freedom’s cradle
Reduced to its dark hearse
Through Judas-like betrayal

A people bred in autonomy
Independence their daily bread
Their progeny eat the paltry crumbs
Road to Serfdom’s end ahead

Great truths have become heresies
Patriots are traitors scorned
Tyranny’s triumph celebrated
Dead legacies left unmourned

A land betwixt two fates
Choose one, or the other
Or is it now too late?

Photo credit: ctj71081

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One Response to Americana

  1. Best one yet! It has great cadence. Powerful stuff man. Keep it up. [The Question: Thanks! Glad to see your comments again!]


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