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Worse than Useless

Pastor Douglas Wilson observes something which all libertarians have thought if not screamed. Gary Johnson “plainly does not understand how libertarianism works.” Unfortunately, Wilson doesn’t fully understand it, either (bold emphasis added) There is much to admire in principled libertarianism, … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why Socialism Doesn’t Work

Mises Institute Fellow Jonathan Newman writes about Ludwig Von Mises’ devastating critique of socialism for its lack of pricing (bold emphasis added): With private ownership of the means of production, entrepreneurs hire laborers and purchase capital and natural resources based … Continue reading

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Who Can’t Handle the Truth?

You can’t handle the truth! Chances are you’ve heard this line from a famous scene in the 1993 film A Few Good Men. Conservatives love to use it against liberals, or the line “you want me on that wall, you … Continue reading

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Americana, A homeland loved so great Now a nation fallen Consumed in its self-hate Once conceived in liberty Its freedom of mighty fame Now reduced to oppression Filled full of fear and shame Where is that pioneer spirit That spurred … Continue reading

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Statism and LARPing

Before starting I want you to watch this video about a couple from my neck of the woods. Watch the entire thing. Done? Was there anything in particular that struck you as peculiar? Most likely it’s the criticism they’ve received … Continue reading

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