Never Argue With the Enemy

Never argue with an avowed enemy on his terms. Whether you come across them online or encounter them during the natural course of a day, either mock their ideas or ignore them. But for the love of God don’t argue with them as though somehow it might change things.

Why? Because they’re not there to discuss. They’re not there to see things from your perspective. They’re definitely not there to come to a consensus, although they often operate under this pretense.

They are there for one reason only; to either gain your compliance or cause you harm in some way.

When two armies meet on a battlefield and an emissary from both sides meet in the middle to entreat, they’re not holding a debate about the moral righteousness of their cause. They’re not there to discuss why the other side is wrong to fight. They meet to discuss terms in the hopes of avoiding a fight. But that is only if one or both sides want peace. Our enemy clearly does not.

The Vikings did not entreat with the monasteries they sacked. Neither did the Hun or the Vandals. When you meet an enemy either online or in person, chances are they won’t be as physically hostile or aggressive as an ancient barbarian. But their ultimate intent is no different. Don’t pretend otherwise.

The only purpose of an argument as they see it is to get you to say something they can use against you. It’s to extract that five word phrase or statement they can take out of context to paint you as a misogynist, sexist, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, vile patriarchal caricature they’ve been taught to fear since their Philosophy 101 class in college. They’re searching for validation of ideas they’ve internalized but have yet to see affirmed through their own observations or reality. Like a self-fulfilling prophesy they need to create the monsters whose existent they’ve built their live around fighting.

Unless they ask you candid, genuine questions that invite rather than interrogate, do not waste your time debating someone who opposes you. You’ll be as unsuccessful as you would be talking to the police in the hopes of getting out of an arrest. Anything you say will only be used against you in a court of law.

It’s a waste of time because nothing you say will change their mind, especially if they are an ideologue or it’s clear they have an enormous ego-investment in their prescribed narrative. They have placed significant time and resources into this belief system; your five minute appeal to reason will not dent this stone wall constructed over years, perhaps decades.

Understand I’m talking about an enemy, not an uninformed skeptic or agnostic.

Also, it’s akin to tossing pearls before swine because you could better use this information with people who actually want to hear it. Your time is limited. It’s a precious commodity. Respect it and yourself by not wasting it on the enemy who doesn’t care.

By debating or arguing with the enemy you’re playing on their terms. You’re entering their frame and operating under the premise that they argue in good faith and according to the same rules. They’re not.

If they can’t persuade you they’ll just write you off and point out that they can use the state to enforce their will. They do not need your consent. They’re just playing the role of state priest by describing what privileges you have under their version of The Vision™.

Lastly, refusing to argue with them shows that you “get it” in a way that mainstream conservatives and others like them do not. They still view the struggle as a heated discussion at a country club between fellow members. They believe the fight is still within a  family or tribe, an internal feud over the common good.

It’s not. It’s one group fighting another over dominance and survival.

You don’t care what the enemy thinks because they oppose all that you hold dear and cherish. Why should you care what they think about your beliefs?

Caring is what a civilized man does.

Don’t be a civilized man. Be a barbarian.

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2 Responses to Never Argue With the Enemy

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  2. 0jr says:

    So do’nt argue with jews and zionists


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