My Return and Some Big Changes

After a bit of a break I’m back.

You may have already noticed some changes around here. I might as well explain some of them.

My new page about Libertarian Barbarism is up for your perusal. It provides the blueprint for the subcategory of libertarianism I now subscribe to and promote on this blog.

There may be someone else who first coined the phrase but I’d like to give my own personal spin on it, anyway.

A part of this change in direction is the result of my own maturation as a libertarian. As I’ve studied the philosophy more and more I’ve also compared it with human nature and history. My conclusion is that realistically the stateless society is the idealized concept under the philosophy but it will never truly be realized – certainly not in our lifetimes.

However, the philosophy is still useful. It offers us a template and a sense of direction for how we should interact with others in a political sense. It helps us determine what our rights are. More of this is explained in my page on libertarian barbarism

Although I’m still a libertarian anarchist my focus is going to be much narrower and distinct. I’m not so much interested in discussing libertarianism but how to apply it to my own life. Ideally you will learn how to apply it to yours, too.

But I’m going to talk about more than libertarianism. I believe it is too constraining to discuss topics only within the confines of the philosophy because it is not a complete moral theory; it is only concerned with the use of coercion or aggression.

As part of my new changes, I’m going to limit my writing to a weekly essay schedule. This allows me time to gather my thoughts and be more thorough. I’d like to post more frequently but I think this is the best way to provide the best, most original content I can. One of the biggest reasons I stepped down for a while was a lack of anything to say someone else wasn’t already saying.

My intent is to offer a fresh and unique perspective as well as discuss things that are not already being dealt with by other libertarian or liberty-related writers. I want my writing to help drive the conversation and not be just another lost voice in the wind.

The first essay will be up this Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

On that note, if you like a particular essay or have a thought to add to mine by all means do so. Also, share it with others on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and anywhere else.

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7 Responses to My Return and Some Big Changes

  1. Welcome back. Hope your sabbatical productive and rewarding.

    If I may make a suggestion, if you have not already. Go to Youtube and check out a fella by the name of Larken Rose. I believe he will peek your interests.

    God bless…


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    • The Question says:

      Thanks. I’ve checked out Larken Rose before. I like a lot of his stuff; other stuff, not so much.


      • There is something about which I’m wondering. If your “handle” is Question, then what is the answer? A bit of levity…

        Ah, yes, Larken Rose. Quite a hand full. Not much on diplomacy or “biting his tongue.” But as an alcoholic counselor friend of mine would say, “he’s got a Pint there.” Get it? Alcohol. Pint, not Point there? More levity for your reading pleasure.

        Back to Larken. As he had asked in one of his talks, if our “Fore Fathers” thought it necessary to go to war against their oppressors for a mere 3% tax on a pound of tea, then what should we do in light of the myriad of taxes on this, that and the other, not to mention “Income Tax?” Ignoring the realities of the differences between “Income” and “Wages,” as well as this being nothing more than Grand Theft and Extortion, what are we to do with the knowledge that approximately three million women, kids and men are on the streets, desperately seeking emergency shelter and food, as well as one out of every two of us are in the clutches of poverty? All this in light of the fact that we paid $3,248,723,000,000 in the year 2015.

        Just how much is a trillion dollars? It’s a million million or a thousand billion. Have any idea how far that would go to clothe, feed and house people in this country? That’s only one third of what we VOLUNTARILY PAID to these thieves, thugs, leeches!

        There would be no more homeless or starving. When someone robs you of a mere thousand dollars, at gun point, you are well within your rights to blow that S.O.B. right out of this world. Why is this thought unthinkable when it comes to the government?

        Who is your authority? You or the government? NO ONE IS YOUR BOSS! NO ONE OWNS YOU!

        God bless…



      • The Question says:

        There is something about which I’m wondering. If your “handle” is Question, then what is the answer?

        My profile name refers to the DC Comic hero The Question, a conspiracy theorist and investigative reporter. In one version of the comics he’s an Objectivist which while not libertarian is certainly better than most.

        I suppose it could also reference the question of “what is the state?” Much like Neo asked “what is the Matrix?”


  2. I thank you for your reply. I must confess, however, that this is way over my head. I am not at all familiar with the DC Comic hero, The Question, Neo, nor the Matrix. I’m also not at all sure what is meant by Libertarian. It appears to be so entangled in politics. I’ve always been afraid of it, just as I am afraid of Liberal and Conservative. It is my understanding that these two, one hundred years ago, meant the exact opposite of what they mean today.



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