A Political Sabbatical and Some Passing Thoughts

After giving it a great deal of thought I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from blogging here. Consider it a political sabbatical. You can still reach me at anarchistnotebook@gmail.com. Maybe your question or thought might inspire a post.

How long this sabbatical will last is anyone’s guess.

Rest assured I’m as libertarian as the day I first started this site. I’m not giving up on the philosophy in any way. Nor am I giving up on blogging.

The problem is I’ve run out of things to say. Better put, I’m not sure what to say. My schedule has also made it virtually impossible for me to squeeze in time to produce the quality content I want. For others writing is a chance to take a break from what they do for a living. For me, it’s just an extension of what I do for a living, which is also writing.

Politically things are changing very fast. For decades the Left has waged a war against the natural order of things in the West.

The Right is finally beginning to react.How this will play out precisely I can’t say. But I know it won’t end peacefully.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and miss the forest among the trees. I believe many libertarians feel the same way. We don’t know where to go from here. For all intents and purposes the liberty movement has splintered off into different factions in accordance with their vision for how things should be. The rise of the Alt. Right ensured many of those schisms will be permanent.

Peruse my previous posts and you’ll know where I see things going in the future. Our hope of reducing the state by any significant means won’t be realized – at least not the way we thought.

For now political differences is the stuff of coffee house talk. It could be different very soon.

All I can say is batten down the hatch and hold onto your first principles dearly. In the days to come the last thing on anyone’s mind will be reducing the power of the state as a solution to our problems. Instead, more state power will seen as the answer – the only debate will be who shall wield the state power and use it against whom. And we all know where that will lead.

There will be few who will be talking about libertarianism, much less espouse it. Remember that libertarianism is not a political system or form of government. It is a philosophy that explains and helps us interpret human behavior.

People like us may not have answer to the problems we face but at least we understand why they’re there.

Whatever comes I fully intend to remain free, in spirit if not in body as well.

Love live anarchy!

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11 Responses to A Political Sabbatical and Some Passing Thoughts

  1. C. M. Marquez says:

    I just found this blog a couple days ago and I want to say that it has opened my eyes to so many things. I completely understand about needing a sabbatical and I’m extremely grateful to you for all of the hard work, diligence and effort that you put in over what I’m only assuming to be many, many years. I don’t know you but I know that you have made a tremendous impact on me and I’m still looking forward to reading through all of your work. Thanks again for everything you’ve done!

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    • The Question says:

      Thanks, man. Glad to know this stuff has helped.

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      • C. M. Marquez says:

        Before you leave for a while; what are some of your favorite books that have influenced you the most or that you’ve learned the most from? I’d love to know.


      • The Question says:

        Here’s a short list of books.

        – Anything by Tom Woods.
        – Libertarian Anarchy Against the State by Gerard Casey
        – Revolution: A Manifesto & Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul

        There’s a lot of other books that have really influenced me but they don’t have to do with politics.

        Here’s a few off the top of my head.

        – A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
        – Dr. Zhivago
        – Starship Troopers
        – All Quiet on the Western Front
        – All the Pretty Horses
        – October Sky
        – Band of Brothers

        I’d have more if I was at home and could look at my library.

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      • C. M. Marquez says:

        Thank you SO much! I really appreciate you taking the time to make the list for me.


  2. Thanks for your blog. I think it was one of the best small WordPress blogs out there, and I appreciate your insights always.

    I’m glad to note then that I could contact you via the email, to ask questions, share thoughts, etc.

    For all my enthusiasm for Trump, and my interest in the coming right-wing backlash, I will remain always at heart a libertarian anarchocapitalist in the Rothbardian vein, with adherence to classical liberalism and the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and a strong individualism that is inspired by the Enlightenment yet has a stronger Christian core.


  3. Why don’t you do yourself and your followers a favor: define the length of your sabbatical. I wouldn’t go any longer than 30 days. Longer than that and you will find yourself tending to doze off.

    I would suggest that you not define your sabbatical with the word “Political.” Word association can give others the wrong idea. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that this leave has nothing to do with politics. Rather, it is taking a few steps backward, affording you the opportunity to look at things from a different angle, a different perspective, not to mention the opportunity to take a few deep breaths, perhaps even a very short nap…

    As for running out of things to say, I venture that neither of us have even begun exposing the evils of government. At the very least, politicians have had approximately 240 years since the so-called “Revolution” to get their ducks in a row. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

    Rest well…



    • The Question says:

      As for running out of things to say, I venture that neither of us have even begun exposing the evils of government. At the very least, politicians have had approximately 240 years since the so-called “Revolution” to get their ducks in a row. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

      This touches on one of the dilemmas I’m facing. There’s plenty of stuff to write about. The problem is that there are lots of other sites already doing it and doing it well. I don’t want to be just another blog regurgitating the same points. I also don’t have the time to do it well.


      • With what we’re facing, there can never be too many sites. Our enemy is formidable. As to the quality of the reporting or “regurgitating the same points,” there is always power in knowledge, no matter its source. Truth is truth. Keep in mind that there is equal power in ignorance, and the government has been literally banking on that for 240 years.

        If you feel you must take a sabbatical from the blog, the written word, your voice can be persuasive. When you’re around others, drop a little something to shake them enough to awaken them. Knowledge is still just as powerful, no matter what it’s form.

        God bless…



      • The Question says:

        Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep that in mind as I figure things out.


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