Sarcasm and Irony Are All We Have Left

Ladies and gentlemen, a handful of sarcastic Alt. Right twitter handlers just changed the course of our national political conversation in a nation of several hundred million people.

That’s right. The Overton Window was shifted by a bunch of anonymous/semi-anonymous white nationalists and trollers.

How could this happen?

Because for anyone genuinely opposed to the Left, sarcasm and irony are the only thing remaining to use against them. Anything less than that is destroyed or consumed.

Let’s face it. Conservatives/right libertarians have always been at a disadvantage in fighting Progressives because they have argued in good faith. They played by the rules of political discourse. They relied on reason, logic, evidence, and data. They entered the Left’s frame so that they had to convince liberals and Cultural Marxists to change their minds. When the modern conservatives lost a battle in the culture war time and time again instead of standing their ground they just changed their stance to make it seem as though they hadn’t lost.

If you keep moving the goal post anything is possible.

The Alt. Right doesn’t play by their rules. They don’t care about respectability. They’re not here to argue with people who hate them. The smears don’t work. The insults are laughed at.

They’re there to make their enemies suffer. They’re there to fight. Sarcasm and irony are the best weapons in their arsenal.

Whether you agree with their particular political views doesn’t change the fact that libertarians need to do the same.

The only acceptable expressions today are either devoid of any value or, like hipsters, meant to be sarcastic and ironic. Jack Donovan touched on this in a speech he gave concerning art and culture.

Insincerity is the only feasible expression of sincere beliefs in a world where everything has to be the same. It allows the person expressing the value to make a point of a particular stance without actually taking the stance so he can later reject it when necessary or convenient.

That’s the burden of authenticity. When you speak from the heart you make yourself vulnerable. You have to defend something. When you are totally honest and candid you leave yourself open to attack. In this kind of situation, all it does is allow the enemy to stick a rhetorical shiv in your gut.

Sarcasm and irony are like spiked shields. They can be used offensively yet don’t require the person wielding them to lower their guard in order to use. They allow for critiques without offering the possibility of a counterargument against anything tangible.

It also helps that the Left has spent several generations consistently winning every major battle because their opponent was too weak to go all the way and they knew it. It is a joy and pleasure to see how helplessly unprepared and unequipped the Left and right-wing cucks were for the Alt. Right. They literally do not know how to respond to them, which is why they have been so successful.

These two rhetorical tactics are also effective in our particular situation because what we are fighting right now is low level (and for the time being) nonviolent warfare. This might shock some of you, or not, but it is a war without weapons – for the moment.

The Left the quisling/vichy sellouts on the Right are not interested in making concessions or coming to a compromise or reaching an agreement. They want what they want and will not yield unless required to by force or coercion or threats thereof. This is why they have consistently won. They don’t argue in good faith, they don’t mean what they say, they always lie, and try to shift the burden of proof on the other side.

And when they don’t get compliance they will always run to the state. They will always resort to state violence when manipulation and deceit fail to yield the desired results.

I’ve seen this myself when I venture to other blogger’s sites. Many of them have documented, for example, the horrendous injustices of our current marriage laws, including the family and divorce courts, against men. Rather than receive any kind of genuine sympathy or calls for change by anyone of significance all they’ve ever gotten from even the most conservative people invested in the current setup is snarky dismissive comments or they just ignore it. There is no heartfelt impact or call to change because there is no incentive. Trying to reason or debate with them is futile and counterproductive.

Outside of violence, the only thing outside of force that might get them to change is sarcasm and irony.

Lastly, sarcasm and irony are all that remains because having concrete, genuine beliefs have become liabilities. It is dangerous to hold to a particular view because it will not only be used against you but your enemy will make a strawman out of what you think. As Jack Donovan said in reference to an Eminem song, radio is not going to play your jam. The Establishment is not going to hear you out or accurately represent what you believe.

Libertarians need to adopt this mindset because it’s the final remaining tool in our arsenal before things get ugly. We should never take criticism of our ideology seriously anymore. We should never debate in sincerity. We should never try to counter what they say with data or evidence they will dismiss anyway.

Most importantly, there is no effective strategy to combat this approach. You can’t mock sarcasm. You can’t ridicule irony, especially when it’s done right. You can’t make fun of something said in jest. All you can do is try to argue with them in seriousness, which is exactly where we want our foe.

Be sarcastic. Be ironic. Be a troll.

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One Response to Sarcasm and Irony Are All We Have Left

  1. evilwhitemalempire says:

    “They will always resort to state violence when manipulation and deceit fail to yield the desired results.”
    Heh, good luck with that after pissing on cops with BLM.


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