The Conservative Farce

If nothing else good comes of this presidential election than at least we’re seeing the farce known as the modern conservative movement exposed for what it is.

Others have documented much more thoroughly than I how conservatives have essentially become anchors dragged behind the progressive ship. Their values are today what liberals advocated 20 years ago.

At the same time, they accept the Left’s frame of a discussion time and time again. They assume whatever premise is offered. Then they turn around and insist true believers on the Right adhere to these newly adopted rules.

There’s a reason why there’s the term cuckservative and no equivalent for the Left because they don’t turn on their own or sell them out to the Right.

It’s gotten to the point where conservatives not only embrace the inclusion of women on the front lines but openly call for their daughters to be drafted in service of the state.

Having your sons conscripted is a tragedy; having the daughters conscripted is an affront against the natural order of things.

They’ve also helped aid the total destruction of the institution of marriage yet tell young men to “man up” and marry. They bought into the phony 1 in 4/5 college campus sexual assault myth that has been thoroughly debunked.

Yes, they’re fighting the whole transgender movement. For now. But how long will that last? We’re here arguing about it because they lost previous battles. Not only that, but these same people send their daughters and sons to schools where they are taught to embrace these values. What they fight against the next generation will think is perfectly normal.

As Malcolm X said, only a fool lets an enemy educate his offspring.

You can see the fragility of the conservative position in how they feebly attack Trump. It’s not that he’s always right or even mostly right. It’s that they can’t articulate what it is they believe compared to him because they don’t stand for anything specific. And even if they do their claims don’t match the record.

In other words, what are they trying to conserve and how well have they done it?

The only thing they’ve done is acted as controlled opposition so they can receive checks from concerned Americans while selling them out as soon as the check is cashed.

Gregory Hood at Radixjournal writes:

This is a key difference between conservatives and progressives. While progressives work to pull their institutions (and by extension, the culture) to the Left, conservatives constantly try to triangulate between their “friends” on the Left and the hated white constituency who actually reads or views them on TV. If the opportunity arises, they’ll jump ship altogether. Conservative journalists and even activists have no real stake in the success of their own movement. Indeed, the “worse” things get, the more money than can make. Who can doubt the Beltway Right is salivating at the financial prospects offered by another Clinton Administration?

The result is the old pattern of the American Right losing in slow motion, with the timeless “conservative values” simply being today’s progressivism after a few years delay. Insofar as there is a “populist” tone to American conservatism, it combines paranoia with political correctness, leading to idiotic campaigns about secret “Islamist” plots to impose Sharia rather than rational discussions about the implications of racial reality and demographic change.

There’s rhetoric about limited government and freedom we hear from conservatives, but what do they have to show for themselves in the last 30 years? We live in a surveillance state and have to let TSA agents search our bodies before we board airplanes.

Recall that their patron saint Ronald Reagan couldn’t even kill off the Department of Education back in the 1980s. When Republicans controlled all three branches in the early 2000s we got Medicaid Part D. They’ve gone from the anti-interventionist stance of the 1930s to “let’s bomb everything that looks remotely unAmerican.”

About the only thing they’ve not compromised on completely has been guns.

We’re seeing a realignment of the political spectrum. It used to be Left v. Right, conservative versus progressive. Now it will be nationalist versus globalist.

Unfortunately for the libertarian it is a poor choice to make.

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5 Responses to The Conservative Farce

  1. The libertarian lighthouse, the conservative anchor, and the progressive ship going further out to sea. That is a great analogy (from your linked article from last summer). I had the conservative anchor and progressive ship already in my own mind, but the libertarian lighthouse is perfect. It plays well with the phrase ‘all at sea’ which means lost. In this sense, progressives are leading people into confusion and disorder, while conservatives ineffectually slow the process. The libertarians, however, remained on fixed land and yet still shine the light for the lost causes proceeding further out to sea.

    Its one drawback is that it perhaps gives conservatives way too much credit. I think conservatives have simply drifted back to their crony capitalist, protectionist, militaristic, Lincolnite roots.

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    • The Question says:

      Its one drawback is that it perhaps gives conservatives way too much credit. I think conservatives have simply drifted back to their crony capitalist, protectionist, militaristic, Lincolnite roots.

      Conservatives’ mental point of origin is to qualify themselves for the Left. This means they will always enter the Progressive frame and accept reframing when it doesn’t suit their agenda. We often hear “Democrats are the real racists!” rather than actually address the concept of racism or the assumed premise. Or, they try to prove they aren’t sexist misogynists by touting “strong independent” conservative women. In this sense they are being dragged like an anchor because they won’t cut themselves loose.

      Because they have no specific principles or philosophy it can be diluted to taste. Limited government and fiscal conservatism are vague ambiguities that work great on campaigns but mean nothing when put into effect.

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      • On cultural issues I totally agree. They are terrified of being branded a racist or a sexist, and so they will compromise on any ‘principles’ they have may have formerly adhered to. On economic issues they are just as bad, and on war they have become much worse since Bill Buckley’s neocon revolution. One could argue that the cultural identity drives the political, and not the other way around, and so since the Right takes cultural cues from the Left, they are allowing the Left into the political driver’s seat as well.


  2. Thanks so much for this post.

    I think the farcical nature of conservatism is evident when you look at the non-libertarian #NeverTrump people. It isn’t so much that they’re anti-Trump (though that’s bad enough, leading to trump derangement syndrome), but that they’re pro-neocon, pro-war, pro-Israel, pro-State. They just want to have their fine elite rhetoric and finesse while they screw the Americans over.

    Plus, look at how many Cruz people sincerely believe that Trump wants to have sex with Ivanka Trump (based on both Trump’s tasteless remarks and a comedy skit written by a hysterical anti-Trump left wing comedian), that Trump is too flip-flopping therefore Ted Cruz and movement conservatism (movement-cons is my new epithet), that Muslims are out to get us (this may be more true in Europe than in America), and other things.

    I also observe, based on the neocon clamor to replace the heroic Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman and John Brown (I think the latter two are heroes, but they have no place on a $20 dollar bill; I would put Ron Paul on it instead, were he to consent to such a proposal), and the clamor was based on showing how so non-racist the Republicans were and how racist Democrats were.

    Now I am all for calling out the Democrats and progressives for their shady attributes about race, but I find it smarmy and stupid to blare that Democrats are the real racists, as if to accept a premise of theirs already and run with it.

    Speaking of which, when you mentioned how conservatives have sought to destroy marriage, what do you specifically mean? I am aware of the general pro-single motherhood strain of thinking, the implicit third-wave feminism in much of evangelicalism, the distaste for traditional masculinity (especially with regards to sexual matters and otherwise), and the general authoritarianism left and right in the conservative circles.

    But what specific historical instances would you suggest to prove that conservatives were behind the destruction of marriage as much as liberals were?


    • The Question says:

      My problem with the Cruz Crowd is similar. They think their man is a white knight in shining armor who is going to restore America’s greatness and act on everything he says he will do. It’s the same trope we hear every four years. They’re convinced Trump is a leftist but can’t explain why the Left hates him so much they’ll shut down his rallies. I have never heard a single satisfactory explanation for this.

      The Michelle Fields hoax is a classic example of the disconnect I see in them. They jumped on that like flies on crap even though any rational person could see it was nonsense.

      But what specific historical instances would you suggest to prove that conservatives were behind the destruction of marriage as much as liberals were?

      Go to – trust me, the man is an expert on this topic.

      Just be warned – what he shows isn’t pretty.

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