A Fake Libertarian Returns to Their Vomit

Yesterday morning I woke up to learn some most wondrous news.

One of the many fake libertarians in the liberty movement has officially returned to their vomit. I say officially because in reality it was just a subterfuge from the beginning as a way for progressives to carve out their own niche and peddle social justice propaganda while standing out from the crowd.

Chris Cantwell is taking credit for this victory. As someone who has been following his work for several years I have to say he deserves it.

Few other libertarian writers have taken these people on with the same kind of energy. He says what many of us say behind closed doors or in private.

I’m sure he’ll appreciate any monetary gratitude for his work. I plan on doing so.

If you’re not adverse to some strong language in the video, Chris discusses this in length.

Some might find kicking her on her way out the door to be harsh or cruel, but let us not pretend for a second that this was a misunderstanding on her part; she did not argue with good intentions. She knew exactly what she was doing.She knew what the philosophy taught and clearly thought it wasn’t good enough.

But she just had to keep the label.

Now she can’t stand being associated any longer with a political philosophy at allows white men to actually look out for their own interests and require them to figuratively castrate themselves like like a bunch of soft-faced pajama boys.

For someone who bitched all the time about male privilege, in reality she received more attention than most libertarians ever will simply for being of the “lay-dee” gender. She was interviewed by major newspapers and got speaking engagements and invited to forums. She became the darling protege of Jeffrey Tucker until she badmouthed Ron Paul and a bunch of other great libertarian thinkers for being “racist,” i.e. they hold views that contradict cultural Marxism.

At the same time, she badly mangled the philosophy. To the average person who listened to her, the impression was that a libertarian is just a libertine who doesn’t like government except when government makes libertines happy.

Oh, and white men are evil ’cause ‘muh privilege.

Meanwhile plenty of male libertarians who have actually read Rothbard and Mises and can accurately discuss the philosophy in depth without spouting Leftist talking points were left in dust and ignored or ostracized for pointing out this lunacy.

If this gal is freaked out because of the rise of neoreactionary libertarians, all I can say is you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re just getting started.

We’re not free love druggie hippies or Beltway libertarians looking to secure a multicultural paradise where all Western borders are eliminated and we sing kumbaya with our polygamous partners while seeking not offend the politically approved classes of Those You Must Not Offend in exchange for low corporate taxes.

We’re the new barbarians. We engage in RealTalk. We care not for your shibboleths. Your temper tantrums when we resist your attempted cuckoldry are humorous but futile.

Here’s a toast to many more such “libertarians”  going back to their vomit. I hope they all flee back to their safe space within the progressive tent.

May the triggering continue.

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