Long Live Anarchy!

Long live anarchy! Lickspittle! Bureaucrat!

I am a free man, lickspittle. There is nothing you can do about it. I am the only free man on the this train. The rest of you are cattle!

– Anonymous “Intellectual” from the film Dr. Zhivago

Anyone of you who haven’t seen the film Dr. Zhivago I highly recommend you make it your next film, albeit particularly on a weekend. It’s a long one and sad one, but a good one. And I think it will prepare you for what is coming to America at some point in our lifetimes.

I cherish the novel it was based on by Boris Pasternak, but I also have an affection for the film as well. One of my favorite characters is an unnamed man who is on his way to the Soviet labor camps. Considering the time period and the context, it is most likely he was a dissident in the days of the czar but his opposition to them was later applied to the communists, which earned him a ticket to the gulags.

He was the type of man that Alexander Solzhenitsyn would write about in A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.

This intellectual is what I would refer to as a libertarian Red Pill man. He is not free in a literal sense, but he is nevertheless free in a way that actually counts. His mind is free. He understands what the state is. He knows the truth. While others around him are ignorant yet physically free, he knows better.

This explains his comment. He may be chained to his train bed, but he realizes what’s going on in his country. He has a clear and accurate perception of reality.

He realizes that the new Soviet government is a tyrannical state just like the czar. It is not a worker’s paradise. Equality will not be realized. Like all states, it lies and lies and lies. It requires the barrel of a gun to achieve its means. It cannot do so peacefully. It is not going to set them free but kill as many as it takes to either accomplish its mission or feign success.

Chances are, he will be among them. Chances are also many of the other train passengers will share a similar fate.

I particularly like his “long live anarchy” declaration said in response to the Soviet commissar exclaiming “long live the Revolution!” It is possible he meant that literally and not in a figurative sense.

I like to think he was the libertarian voice of the film sending the underlying message: Do not turn to government to solve problems created by government

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2 Responses to Long Live Anarchy!

  1. D says:

    When I was a kid that charachter scared me. Now I find him refreshing-despite the fact that he is played by kinski 🙂

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