National Review Takes Off the Mask

This article by a writer with the National Review needs to be read to be believed.

As you’re reading it, keep in mind that this is only what the writer wrote and what the magazine actually published.

Imagine what is said that isn’t published.

It can only be ten times worse.

Let me ask a simple question to all my nonwhite readers: Imagine this was said about your demographic by a publication that claimed to represent your interests: What would your response be?

There is a reason why death rates for middle-aged white people in the country are rising rapidly, much of it through substance abuse, even as those rates drop for everyone else.

While struggling to remain financially afloat amid a retracting economy, rapidly changing society, and hostile culture, they’re repeatedly lectured about how they’re oppressing other people and exploiting them while living in luxury. Add on top of that a publications like NR spewing garbage like this.

The message collectively amounts to this: you need to just hurry up and die already.

So they are.

But apparently not quickly enough. They’re pulling the switch for the wrong candidate on their way out the door.

Let’s face it; the type of Establishment whites who work at NR deep down only want their elect few “good white people” to survive into the next generation, the kind that get invited to D.C. dinner parties and political junkets. The type that have real “privilege” based on nepotism and cronyism.

They want to be an ethnic minority consisting only of “approved” members.

In the meantime, they want these white people who “deserve” to die voting for the “right” GOP candidate, and it pisses them off that they aren’t playing the sucker as they have for years.

If this is what the National Review, an allegedly conservative publication, thinks of working class whites and proclaim it openly, what do their outspoken enemies think of them?

Oh, wait, we already know.

As offended as I might have been by the NR article, I’m pleased..

I want to see more of these articles written so I know who my true enemies are beneath the mask of alleged commonality.

This also shows why white identity espoused by the Alt. Right is flawed. It’s about culture, not race.People need to become the new barbarians and adopt tribalism.There is no “us” or “we.”

The cuckolds at NR and other outlets like it aren’t my people. They are not a part of my tribe and I owe them no loyalty nor must I adhere to some code of conduct on that basis.

Accept that no one looks out for your interests and is loyal to you except those who prove it by their actions.

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