Keep Calm and Stay Informed

At the beginning of this year I stayed off of social media for about a week. As a result I had a much lower stress level. Not knowing meant not caring.

What I’ve realized since then is that ignoring or not staying up to date on what is happening around you may make you calm, but over the long-term it also makes you dangerously unaware of things happening around you that will affect you one way or another.

Tradcons and Socons that make up a large segment of the conservative movement are what happen when you don’t stay up to date. You end up writing “man up” articles because you have no clue how much the culture has changed when it comes to marriage. As Aaron Clarey put it, they’re the generals in Paris ignoring battlefield reports coming in from the troops on the frontlines. They think Millennials are lazy, stupid, ignorant, have a bad attitude, (all possibly true) but they will quickly change the discussion when you ask them who actually raised them.

Until recently I had enough free time to search the deep recesses of the Internet to find ideas, beliefs, and perspectives I wouldn’t have otherwise. They offered an alternative view of the way things were.

The writers have a close finger society’s pulse. Those who are on the frontlines, and remain there, are the ones who can anticipate and predict what happens next.

They also know how to respond.

Far be it from me to provide any parenting advice, but I will, anyway. If you’re going to be a parent and not screw it up royally, you cannot check out. You have to follow popular culture. You have to know what is going on out there, unless you want to see your kid grow up to be the way culture tells them to be.

You can’t counter ideas that you don’t even know exist.

What happens is that people get older, life gets busy, and they just don’t have time to read much or follow the media. That’s fine; but if you’re going to do that, you have to listen to those who do. I encounter too many older people who refuse to accept what I tell them about what their kids and grandkids believe or were taught in school. And then they wonder why everything around them is going to hell.

I won’t write here much about what I see out there, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hearing about it or aware of it. I want to know not because I arrange my life around it or seek outrage, but to be aware of my environment. Remove yourself emotionally from the situation and observe so you can make better decisions about how to act in your own interest.

Keep calm, but stay informed.

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