Honorable Censor

In regards to Twitter’s censorship announcement, I’m sure someone has already said “it’s a private company and they can do whatever they want with their property. So there.”

Question: are these are the same people who think bakers and florists should be forced at the point of a gun to participate in activities they don’t approve of? If Twitter can refuse service for people whose activities they don’t condone, why not the same for other businesses?

What we have here is another clear example of The Vision carried out.

The belief of The Vision™ can be summed up as follows:

Everyone has the “right” to behave in accordance with social, ethical, moral, cultural, or religious views that fit within how things should be done in all sectors of life. A person’s “rights” can be revoked at any time if they violate or threaten the precepts.

According to the Cultural Marxist version of The Vision, Twitter has the right as a private company to censor anyone it wants to, i.e. anyone who doesn’t kowtow to their agenda, but other private companies that espouse dissident viewpoints must be fined and persecuted and have their business shut down through state coercion, because they do not have the right to do with their property as they see fit. All people have the right to do as they’re supposed to.

Thankfully, the market is punishing Twitter for their impudence.

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