Announcing the Commissariat for Trust and Safety

Twitter made a recent announcement. Unfortunately they neglected to see some of the mistakes they made and misconceptions, so I will do them a free service by making the needed corrections.

Strikethroughs represent original text. Bold emphasis are mine.

On Twitter, every only a social justice warrior’s voice has should have the power to shape the world without being ridiculed, mocked, or castigated. We see this power every day, from Leftist activists who use Twitter to mobilize citizens dead-brained cubicle zombies to cultural Marxist propaganda content creators who use Twitter to shape opinion distort reality.

To ensure that only these people can continue to express themselves freely and safely on Twitter without dissenting voices using facts, stats, data and empirical evidence to destroy their flawed ideology, we must provide more tools and policies to censor the opposition. With hundreds of millions of Tweets sent per day, the volume of content on Twitter is massive, which makes it extraordinarily complex to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power pretending to stand for open dialogue and silencing those who represent a genuine threat to the Left. It requires a multi-layered approach where each of our 320 million users might require censoring has a part to play, as do by the community of experts working for safety and free expression for those who kowtow to our views.

That’s why we are announcing the formation of the Twitter Commissariat for Trust & Safety Council, a new and foundational part of our censorship strategy to ensure that people SJWs feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter without being refuted.

As we develop products, policies, and programs, our Commissariat for Trust & Safety Council will help us tap into the expertise and input of Leftist organizations at the intersection of these issues more efficiently and quickly to better censor and remove right-wing content that threatens to expose our agenda. In developing the Commissariat, we are taking a global elite and inclusive approach so that we can hear a diversity of voices by taking our marching orders from organizations including:

  • Safety advocates, academics, and researchers focused on minors, media literacy, digital citizenship, and efforts around greater compassion censorship and empathy suppression on the Internet;
  • Leftist Grassroots advocacy organizations that rely on Twitter to build movements and momentum;
  • Community groups with an acute need to prevent facts, stats, data, logic and reason from abuse, harassment, and bullying, as well as from harming the mental health of SJWs and in doing so aid and suicide prevention because if there is anything that drives SJWs to suicide it’s the inability to handle reality.

We have more than 40 Leftist organizations and experts from 13 regions joining as inaugural members of the Commissariat Council. We are thrilled to work with these Leftist organizations to ensure that we are capable of censorsing anyonenabling everyone, everywhere to who might express themselves with confidence on Twitter outside of the 3×5 index card of allowable opinion.

Much better.

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  1. mattwilson32 says:

    I wish there was a way to give two thumbs up for this

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