There Is No Right Answer in Modern Politics, Just the Best One

I was reading the downloaded copy of a now-defunct blog from the manosphere when I came across a comment on the moral issue of honor and desertion within a military and civilian context based on the plot of a TV show. The commenter said “there is no right answer in that situation, just the best one.”

It’s a very simple statement, but I think it is extremely applicable to modern politics.

On most topics, there is no “right” answer. What I mean by that, is that there is no wholly libertarian solution to things like taxation and open borders and immigration and regulations and education and healthcare. We have the template, the model, the ideal, but trying to achieve them while adhering to the NAP at all times has us venturing close to unicorn territory.

For me, there is the best answer, the best solution.

Or, to quote Bionic Mosquito, we have to ask “what is the alternative?” If there are no better alternatives, then it is the best choice. However, it may still not be the right choice.

That can sound depressing or even defeatist. I know. But I find it easier to cope with our current predicament than believing a libertarian, stateless society is just a few political rallies away from reality. Great changes that occur suddenly also occur violently.

I also understand the dangers inherent with this kind of thinking. It’s easy to rationalize terrible choices as the “best.” But trying to come up with the right one that has little chance of getting any traction or making any changes can be just as counterproductive.

So when someone tells me that my answer is wrong, I reply, “Perhaps, but it is the best.”

I’m going to be writing a followup post on this, but something I’ve realized is that libertarians want to take a top-bottom approach, rather than a bottom-top one. They want to change things at the highest level first without making progress at the lowest levels, which is the individual.  For reasons I’ll explain, I believe it is imperative we start to focus on what we can do as individuals and shift away from trying to influence that which we have little to no control over.

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4 Responses to There Is No Right Answer in Modern Politics, Just the Best One

  1. mattwilson32 says:

    Very true. At some point options, changes or solutions stop becoming better and start becoming just…different


  2. I just discovered your blog today. It pleases me to discover someone so thoroughly knowledgeable on Anarchism. I can see I have much to learn. Thank you.

    However, I must take issue with the above statement, “There Is No Right Answer in Modern Politics, Just the Best One.” There is only one right answer in Modern Politics and, consequently, the Very Best One: the absolute and total destruction of all forms of government as we presently know it. That is, the total dissolution of federal, state, city, local and their municipalities. This would also include all police and military, federal, state, local, city and their municipalities. And let’s not forget the FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, IRS. There must also be our clear and irrefutable separation from the World Health Organization, NATO, Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations and/or any other world organization that destroys or negates our nation’s and its citizenry’s inviolability.

    Centuries ago, Aristotle defined logic in the most interesting way I’ve ever heard: “A thing cannot not be.” There cannot not be a right answer and yet be the best answer. As Mr. Spock has said on Star Trek, “that just does not compute.”



    • The Question says:

      Welcome to the blog!

      There is only one right answer in Modern Politics and, consequently, the Very Best One: the absolute and total destruction of all forms of government as we presently know it.

      Unfortunately I’ve concluded that just getting the federal government to follow the Constitution without bloodshed would be a minor miracle. I know this isn’t something libertarians want to hear but apart from some cataclysmic event these entities are going to be something to mitigate rather than eliminate for the remainder of our lifetimes. Some will point out the unexpected fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc as proof things can change suddenly but I don’t think it will occur in a similar manner for the US.


      • I hardly expect the Federal government to follow the Constitution, bloodshed or otherwise. First, the Constitution is worthless. The government knows it. It’s about time we woke up to that fact. Check out Lysander Spooner, “The Constitution of No Authority.”

        As to “our lifetime,” I’m 76. My life is pretty well over. As for the “Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc,” is there any point to comparing apples and oranges? One excuse is as good as any other. Too, I don’t believe I’ve advocated bloodshed, although that is probably inevitable.

        I advocate, first, a steady, persistent killing of the leach by removal of its lifeblood: all forms of taxes, above all and including “income” taxes. Too, begin small and gradually build toward a crescendo of non-cooperation. Absolutely refuse to participate in any thing remotely connected to all governments, federal, state, local, city, municipalities. Muck up the works. Do to them what they have systematically done to us over 235 relentless years. Confuse. Propagandize. Instill fear. Withhold facts and pertinent information. And then confuse again.

        None of this is going to be easy or a walk in the park, and hardly overnight. But, if we are to ever reach a point where we are truly free and devoid of a plethora of privileges that give the ILLUSION of freedom, then we need to do this. For ourselves and our children.

        And incidentally, I am hardly a “libertarian.” I am an Anarchist, and damned proud of it. It has taken me many, many years to grow and evolve into a butterfly…



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