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5 Things Libertarians Can Do That’s More Productive Than Politicking

A major trait among libertarians, including yours truly, that I’d like to see end is the squabbling over the rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic that is the political environment in the United State of America and elsewhere. By this … Continue reading

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Chesterton’s Ghost at the Right Stuff discusses a distinct perspective on libertarianism known as paleolibertarianism which is intended to place the philosophy within context by acknowledging external elements. As he describes it (emphasis added): The libertarian movement is in a state of … Continue reading

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Libertarians Must Be the Right Messenger When Delivering the Message

To the rational person watching the political scene, it makes no sense how people vote, or who they support. Someone claims to believe in such-and-such political view, but supports a candidate who doesn’t hold that view. Or they criticize politician … Continue reading

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Socialism Doesn’t Work Even When You Call It “Democratic”

Matt Wilson has a great post on “democratic socialism” and how it’s no different than just plain ol’ socialism. You know, kind of like how “fascism” is no different than “democratic fascism.” He really nailed it in this part when … Continue reading

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Proposal To Draft Women Offers Valuable Lesson

William Norman Grigg at Pro Libertate writes: Four decades ago, one of the most insistent arguments offered by opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment was that it would create the legal basis for making women subject to the draft. That … Continue reading

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A post at the Undercover Porcupine by Chris Dixon concerning the outcome of the New Hampshire presidential primary points out something that also annoys me; anti-Trumpites need to stop with the charade that he is a bug, rather than a feature, of the political system. He writes: … Continue reading

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Honorable Censor

In regards to Twitter’s censorship announcement, I’m sure someone has already said “it’s a private company and they can do whatever they want with their property. So there.” Question: are these are the same people who think bakers and florists … Continue reading

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