The Alt. Right loves to use the word “cuck” or “cuckservative” when attacking milquetoast, weak-willed conservatives or right-winger men who bend over backwards to placate leftists who are more than willing to gut them, metaphorically, once they’re finished their pleading for respectability. Like most insults, however, I see it already getting misused and abused, but it’s still applicable.

For example, whenever the Left accuses someone of racism, sexism, or some invented phobia, a cuck will shriek and denounce the person before even trying to get all the facts. They will talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk they take a taxi right after cutting your legs out from under you.

One of the problems is that the word “conservative” is a vague term and context sensitive. A conservative from 100 years would have had a completely different understanding of what conservatism is, mainly because modern conservatism is an anchor being dragged behind the progressive ship. This means today’s conservatives were yesterday’s liberals.

The Alt. Right, despite some of its flaws, have done a commendable job exposing this farce.

The word cuckservative was used effectively against Jeb Bush and in my opinion destroyed his presidential candidacy.

So why is it so effective?

The word “cuckservative” carries such a punch because it is a powerful one-word assault on a man’s lack of the four tactical virtues of masculinity; strength, courage, mastery, and honor. Notice the word is rarely used, if at all, against female conservatives.

A cuckservative is not strong enough to prevent himself from being cuckolded, he cowardly avoids confronting the true perpetrator of the cuckolding out of fear, he’s unconsciously incompetent (lack of mastery) about his pro-active cuckolding of himself and other men like him or can’t do anything about it even if he is aware, and he has no honor because he backstabs the very men he claims to defend while placating those he says he opposes.

But its potency is found in the contempt it demonstrates for the person. Telling a man he is a coward is one thing. You can say it with the intent of helping them. Calling them a cuckservative is to mock that cowardice. The derision is incredible.

The best part of it is that there is not much one can say to it if they fit the definition.

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