Civil War

If you take away only one thing from what I’m about to write, let it be this: The United States of America has never had a civil war.

Regardless of how one feels about the War Between the States and the Confederacy, it was not a civil war. A civil war is fought by two factions for control over the same government or country. That is not what happened in the 1860s. The southern part of the “country” sought to break away and form its own nation. A war was fought to prevent this. Many believe, and they are correct, that before this we were a compact between states but the war forged us into one nation.

Again, we have never had a civil war. Why do I keep hammering this away?

Because I’m seeing all the ingredients for a real one building in the country. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen.

However, I’ve been on the record elsewhere on the Net about this, so I might as well make it clear on my own site. By 2020 we will have an out-and-out “fashist” movement emerging on the political stage. They will be uncompromising, unapologetic, unfazed, and undeterred. The usual rhetoric and name-calling will not silence them. They will be masters of effective propaganda tactics currently used by the Left. The realtalk that we hear uttered in fringe parts of the Internet will be proclaimed loudly on center stage of debates.

What we’re seeing right now is but a small taste of what’s to come.

I know, because I read their blogs and listen to what they say. They have spent years quietly perfecting their slogans, polishing their arguments. They have been biding their time. Moreover, the mainstream media and mainstream culture has simply written them off as ignorant and uneducated, dismissing the legitimate grievances that they seek to champion.

Underestimating your opponent and holding your enemy in contempt are the first steps toward defeat.

It’s why when Trump suddenly surged in the polls after saying things you must not say, men like myself were not surprised, even if we didn’t embrace him. To us, nothing he said was new. We saw this coming for a long time.

The movement will be focused on four major themes, three of which Michael Savage once identified as the foundation for a country.

The ideological core of the fashist movement will be the neoreactionaries, the Alt. Right, dissidents, and right libertarians sympathetic to their views. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and this political reaction will unite many seemingly unrelated and uncooperative groups together for a common purpose. People who would have never thought of embracing a fascist movement will do so.

What makes me so certain?

This week Chris Cantwell published an article arguing why libertarians should support Donald Trump for president. His argument can be boiled down to this line of reasoning(my words, not his):

The Left is waging, and winning, a war against white men. White men make up the vast bulk of the libertarian movement. Trump doesn’t seek to protect white men as much as he is waging a war against the Left, and he is doing a better job of it than any other Republican candidate can or will if elected. Therefore, if libertarianism is to survive, the Left must be stopped in their tracks, so libertarians need someone like Trump in office to get it done.

I’m not really interested in addressing the validity of his argument. I’ve made my thoughts on Trump very clear repeatedly and see no need to elaborate.

However, there are two points from his post that we can’t ignore.

One, it is hard to argue with much of what he says. His diagnosis of the problem is correct. The Left is waging a war against many things, and Western white men are one of them. This is simply reality. If you don’t see it, I can’t help you.

Two, and more importantly, if a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist like Cantwell  – who has been kicked out of libertarian organizations for supporting common sense ideas like the right of revolution – can rationalize supporting Trump, you can bet that anyone to the left of him and to the right of Trump who will do just that when it comes down to the wire.

And that is exactly where I see things going

Recall that the two conditions that lead to fascism; a conflict instigated and waged by the Left, and a lack of perceived alternative solutions.

The more I’ve studied it, the more I’ve come to realize the difference between the Right and Left isn’t so much about right and wrong, morality or immorality, but the fact that the Right’s values are based on the natural order of things while the Left embraces values that are decidedly unnatural. 

In a recent post by left libertarian Roderick Long in response to an article by Ryan McMaken, Long claims that the preference of boys and girls to play with gender-specific toys is caused by an “all-pervasive promotion of traditional gender roles.”

This is small example of how the Left, libertarian or not, rejects the natural order of things and blames it on something farcical like “patriarchy.” Even feminists are beginning to accept the obvious fact that boys have a natural preference for soldiers and girls for dolls, so to think otherwise is to deny reality for the sake of an ideology, and frankly it’s terrifying to think someone could believe boys have to be brainwashed to play war with plastic soldiers.

Again, this isn’t about right or wrong, but about what is natural and unnatural. When you have an ideology that holds the unnatural as the ideal or as the “true” natural way of things, coercion and aggression eventually come into play when human actions by default refute your beliefs.

Consider this line from Long’s post (emphasis added)

“The all-pervasive promotion of traditional gender roles in our own society should be recognized as similarly totalitarian and akin to brainwashing, even if it is not imposed directly by state action….

This is why fascism is a reactionary movement and the Left a revolutionary movement. The Right reacts to the Left’s war against the natural order of things. The trouble is, fascism brings about the same result under another banner.

Moving on, right now you have one of the key ingredients needed for a civil war – a strong central government as the prize for the winner. When the communists in Russia fought against the Whites during their civil war, it wasn’t over a decentralized nation. The czar had already created one; the Marxists were merely trying to take possession of it and add to it. The same with the English civil war.

The United States government is without question the most powerful state ever conceived. It may not exercise its power as much as the Soviet Union did, but the potential power is very real. D.C. is a mass of power that exposes the corrupt nature of man. Because of this, decisions are made there that affect the entire nation, millions and millions of people from different backgrounds, beliefs, traditions, cultures, and religions. They are not free to decide these things for themselves. So if they want to have control over what happens in these areas, they have to secure the power.

This is why politics is such a hotly contested and hotly debated topic. Whether they admit it or not, all politics is violence, and so when you express an opposing political view, you are declaring your support for violence against them in ways they resent.

At some point, and the time is nearing us, that the president will act more or less like a dictator. His executive orders will be able to overwrite any law, his decrees nullify whatever he likes. He will be able to enforce laws that don’t exist and ignore laws that do. He will be able to make minutiae decisions over people’s lives and it will be considered good and proper.  The difference between now and then is that then the president will use harsh tactics to enforce his will. Federal agents resembling paramilitary troops will be unleashed on anyone who dissents.

The only question to ask will be, who will the political violence be directed at: You, or your enemy?

My speculation is this: That a close presidential election will be followed by the refusal from the losing candidate to accept the results. They might blame the loss on fraud or treachery or whatnot. But they will not accept the winner as legitimate. And they will force the issue. When the crisis occurs, the “either you are with us or with them” mentality will grip the whole country, and the factions will fall under their respective banners.

This is what happened in Spain during their civil war in the 1930s, and it can happen again.

When fascism becomes fashionable once again to even the most reasonable men among you, you know the day is soon upon you.

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