Teaching Migrants Not To Rape

Courtesy of the New York Times on the mass migration movement into Germany.

But there’s also a longer term issue, beyond the need to persuade new arrivals that — to quote from a Norwegian curriculum for migrants — in Europe “to force someone into sex is not permitted” (emphasis added).

Let that sink in for a moment. Take a chair, sit down, and actually meditate on that statement.


The only way for any of this to make sense is to realize that this was intentional, and by that I mean the wise overlords in Europe intentionally brought millions of young Third World men into Europe knowing the kind of sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve would happen.

Yes, what is happening is on purpose.

They have passed all sorts of laws in the West to restrict the sexual behavior of Western men and insisted that we need to teach Western men not to rape. We’ve heard about consent 101 and kissing without permission is rape and having alcohol before sex is rape and 1 in 4 women are raped and colleges are hotbeds of rape culture. Innocent Western men have committed suicide due to false rape accusations while others are lambasted, even within the libertarian movement, for trying to stand up to a false narrative that places the blame for individual crimes on an entire gender.

You’d think with their obsession with affirmative sexual consent and ensuring the safety of women, these people would be all the more opposed to importing individuals from cultures where women have no bodily rights and can be forced into having sex.

Instead, they are quite literally, and intentionally, importing a rape culture to places where it didn’t exist prior but where they insisted it was at.

How many women need to get raped and murdered before the people of the West realize their leaders are evil and depraved and as much their enemy as any foreign invader?

I repeat, we are dealing with evil people who lie about everything.

If you don’t grasp this, if you can’t accept that the people who claim to represent you are willing to sacrifice the future of their country and the safety of their citizens on the altar of a psychotic and failed ideology, you’re beyond hope at this point. You’ll deny, deny, deny reality even as the enemy breaks into your home and destroys your family in front of your very eyes.

Understand that we are going to soon have anarcho-tyranny through the West – this is where the wrong laws are enforced and the right laws are not. It’s also where law-abiding citizens are persecuted while criminals are allowed to act freely. It’s where Western men will be thrown in the slammer for an unsolicited kiss but the authorities will turn a blind eye when mass groups of women are sexually assaulted by non-Western men.

Personally, I shed no tear for anyone. This happens because people allow it to happen. As a man and a bachelor, I can take comfort in the fact that should this rape culture be imported into my region by our wise overlords in the United States, the repercussions will not be felt by me, and like Matt Forney I won’t extend a hand to help anyone except those I know who didn’t bring this on themselves.

Arm yourselves, harden your resolve, and ready your mind for what’s coming if this doesn’t change.

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