Book plans and other updates

Right now I’m working on a fiction project that I hope to have the rough draft for finished by sometime next month. I’m taking this one a little slow because the last one got 40 pages cut out during editing and I’m not keen on repeating that.

When I’m done I’m looking at putting together a compilation of some of my essays here, make some minor edits if necessary, and publishing them in an ebook for people to download. It’ll probably be free, and if not at the most it’ll be 99 cents. Not sure on the title, but most likely The Anarchist Notebook, possibly with the subtitle “Confessions of a Libertarian.”

The idea is to take a few dozen general essays that aren’t particularly time-sensitive and create a single product people can purchase or share. It’s not meant to be an introductory guide to libertarian anarchy (Gerard Casey did a commendable enough job of that already). The ebook would provide some commentary on certain major philosophical points from a libertarian perspective. I might also add some original essays not published here, including one I’ve been working on for several months and which I consider to be my magnum opus.

If you think a particular article impacted, influenced, or affected you especially and should be included feel free to post the title below – if you have any ebook title ideas you can throw those out, too.

In addition, I’m going to try to revamp the site a little bit to make it more professional, and also make some changes to some of the pages. It seems appropriate that as I’ve grown and matured as a libertarian (I think) the site should reflect this. I’m a bit overstretched at the moment but hopefully at some point I will be able to dedicate more time to marketing and promoting the site better.

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