The New Joe McCarthy

Last night I was thinking of how much Trump reminded me of Sen. Joe McCarthy during the “Red Scare.” In one of life’s little coincidences, today I came across this post by Adam Blacksburg concerning just that.

He quotes a section of Murray Rothbard’s book, Betrayal of the American Right (which I was also thinking about) in which Rothbard explains the benefits of men like McCarthy within the political climate, but not in the way that you might expect.

This is what Rothbard had to say:

My own quip at the time, which roughly summed up this position, was that in contrast to the liberals, who of approved of McCarthy’s “ends” (ousters of Communists from offices and jobs) but disapproved of his radical and demagogic means, I myself approved of his means, (radical assault on the nations power structure) but not necessarily his ends” (emphasis added).

Blacksburg notes that “If you replace McCarthy with Trump, and replace communism with immigrants and warmongering, the circumstances are nearly identical.”

As I’ve said before, I applaud his methods, but damn most of his politics.

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