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The Alt. Right loves to use the word “cuck” or “cuckservative” when attacking milquetoast, weak-willed conservatives or right-winger men who bend over backwards to placate leftists who are more than willing to gut them, metaphorically, once they’re finished their pleading for respectability. Like most … Continue reading

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Civil War

If you take away only one thing from what I’m about to write, let it be this: The United States of America has never had a civil war. Regardless of how one feels about the War Between the States and the … Continue reading

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Libertarian Culture

A while back I was talking to someone about the idea of libertarian culture. They were wondering what a libertarian culture would look like in a stateless society. I didn’t have an answer right away, but later on I realized … Continue reading

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The Alternative Right’s Dilemma

Michael Sebastian at Return of Kings has a short piece on problems inherent with the Alternative Right, which includes neo-reactionaries. I think he addresses several legitimate points about this new “hippie” movement, but I wanted to elaborate on a few and … Continue reading

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Democracy’s Love Affair with the Myth of Equality

The fatal flaw of the modern democratic process isn’t the belief in majority rule, but the erroneous belief that because all men have equal rights their political opinions are of equal merit. When you try applying the concepts behind modern democracy to any … Continue reading

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Teaching Migrants Not To Rape

Courtesy of the New York Times on the mass migration movement into Germany. But there’s also a longer term issue, beyond the need to persuade new arrivals that — to quote from a Norwegian curriculum for migrants — in Europe … Continue reading

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Useful Myths

A commenter pointed out in my post about American Myths the damage films such as American Sniper cause and I though the film was worth re-examining from the perspective of it being a modern state myth. Having seen it myself, I consider it a case study … Continue reading

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