Why We Have to End the Fed

One thing I would really like to see among libertarians, the Alt. Right, reactionaries, and anybody else who wants to reduce the state, is a full-fledged assault on the existence of the Federal Reserve.

When you take the time to consider it, you realize the Fed is the cause of almost everything we hate. It is how the state manipulates the currency, causes artificial prosperity, creates illusions of wealth by providing easy credit to those who otherwise would have to actually earn the capital, instigates unnatural immigration trends, and funds endless conflicts. It’s what allows our government to spend the way it does and carry out activities they couldn’t ordinarily, not because of a lack of desire, but the lack of money.

The fact that we have to fight just to get a law passed so the Fed is audited tells you about the amount of power and control it has. It also probably indicates the level of fear they have for what Americans might do if they knew what the Fed has spent trillions of dollars on or who they’ve loaned money to.

It really is about following the money, and that trail ends with the Fed.  Once we get rid of the Fed, everything else falls into line.

A huge advantage to this sort of campaign is the total absence of any controversial aspects to it. There is no conceivable defense or rationalization of the Fed from a libertarian or limited government perspective. It is an issue that can unite everyone behind a common goal. It will also flush out the frauds and fakes and show us who is really on our side. Either you’re against the Fed, or you’re not.

Chances are, whatever problem you want to solve, whether it be concerning borders or the economy of the culture, the Fed is the thing that makes it happen.

The problem is that trying to get people to concentrate on one thing is a hard task, like trying to herd cats or little kids. But anyone who pulls it off will do liberty a great service.

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