Ban Gun Control

Good luck with that. I heard prohibition worked great with marijuana and booze. It’s about as inane as statements like “we need to get rid of envy, hate, and greed.”

Moonbattery writes:

Both sides know that if liberals can disarm us, they can do anything. If we won’t fight for the fundamental right of self-defense while we are armed, what right would we fight for after we have given up our arms? We would be slaves of the government, and of the leftist establishment media that serves as the government’s brain.

This touches on the same thing I mentioned on why the Left hates gun owners, especially armed white men. We’re standing in their way. We’re forcing them to take their time. They want their Brave New World today, and damn it us pesky racist bigoted prejudiced armed bastards are making it difficult.

No one likes to talk about it or admit it, but once you get rid of guns, there is no proposal too extreme, no idea too outrageous that can be presented to the public. The only thing left that maintains any kind of restraint on government is the fear that unless the masses are placated they will resort to armed rebellion.

Make no mistake: violence is golden. It is how our ancestors clawed their way to freedom and maintained it.

There’s that old saying that you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. I’m not a huge fan of that phrase, because it sends the wrong message.

I prefer something like this:

They won’t take my guns, because if they try they will be the ones with cold, dead fingers.

Gun control is a classic example of the fundamental difference between the civilized and the uncivilized, the sane and the insane. One understands the limitations reality and human nature places on ideas and crafts policies accordingly. The other runs roughshod over facts, stats, data, logic, reason, human nature, and the natural order of things in pursuit of the unattainable, and no matter how badly the efforts fail, no many how high the body count rises, and irrespective of the misery their disastrous plans yield, they press onward with even greater fervor in the sincere belief that something, anything other than their operating premise is to blame for their inability to achieve their goal.

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2 Responses to Ban Gun Control

  1. More and more killing sprees. Some part of me just can’t help but think that there are at least some false flag situations among them. Gun control is one of the most urgent domestic desires of the left currently (they’ve had their Obamacare, and they can’t complain about gay marriage or legalization of marijuana anymore), and lo and behold, mass shooting after mass shooting. There seems to be an escalation.
    The mechanics of it, even if the shootings were “wanted” by the left, are unclear, but there are policies that include the drugging of children in school, propaganda and indoctrination by the state that will render young people confused about what they are allowed to be (are men allowed to be men without feeling ashamed of themselves, for instance?), and an erosion of basic moral views on violence in general when government agents bomb without impunity abroad, and use militaristic tactics and other forms of police brutality at home. Maybe some of these psycho’s have actually been discovered and monitored, and all it would really take is to look the other way and let nature take its course.


    • The Question says:

      I have mixed thoughts on the false flag operations, though none of it has anything to do with putting it above the government – I can’t really divulge information here, but I know for a fact the Saudis had a hand in 9/11 and had the date picked out well in advance.

      If the government isn’t directly involved in these attacks, they are at least actively promoting the environment which gives rise to such people.

      My theory of mine about the whole refugee crisis is they want to bring groups in who will by nature include radicals that will eventually carry out terrorist attacks, attacks which will be used to justify further intervention in the Middle East. Another area a lot of libertarians succumb to the guilt complex.


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