White Male Cucks Gone Wild

A Facebook post by a Maine principal, who has since apologized gone into PR damage control mode.

I don’t even need to speculate as to what would have happened to him if he had inserted any other demographic group instead of “white Christian men.”

Remember, “white privilege” means not only being the sole type of person others should be concerned about committing acts of terror but being the only demographic people can make horrific accusations about without losing their job. All in the name of tolerance, diversity, and open-mindedness for all.

BTW: Check out this cuck’s photo. It’s time to starting unscrewing these libtards’ head and uncucking them before they go full-out retard and start calling for the trains to take us away.

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5 Responses to White Male Cucks Gone Wild

  1. D says:

    But he looks so normal, if i passed him on the the street I would never know that he was completely insane…


    • The Question says:

      Living in the Seattle area, I must have developed a sixth sense to pick up on white male simps based on their smiles because I can’t walk down the street without running into at least five of them with their little trendy satchels and girl’s jeans as they sip on their soy lattes.


  2. mattwilson32 says:

    People say things like, “these are people living in an Internet bubble”, or, ” they’re just Tumblr keyboard warriors, nothing to worry about!” But they are already affecting policy change on campuses and in the govt. They need to be stopped. By other keyboard warriors, not the govt.


    • The Question says:

      But they are already affecting policy change on campuses and in the govt.

      Exactly. This particular specimen was a public school educator, no less. He is raising the next generation of Americans. Imagine what kind of nonsense they teach the kids at school. It would be naive to think that this post of his was some sort of Freudian slip or that he was drunk when he wrote it. It’s no wonder we see college campuses out of control. This is what they hear eight hours a day.

      Love the Tumblr reference, by the way.

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      • mattwilson32 says:

        The silver lining of this story is that the free market of ideas is on display for everyone to see. YouTube is the battlefront of a virtual civil war. Social justice warriors, feminists and A+ vs. Science, logic, skepticism and reason. We may be losing on Tumblr, but we are winning twitter and youtube. No govt needed.


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